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    The Space Tale and the Whale's Game

    by , 08-29-2013 at 11:02 AM (447 Views)
    August 29 2013 - Dream Fragment #1 I remember suddenly being jolted awake at my house. I didn't do an RC (very odd, as I've been setting pretty strict rules about how much I reality check, and I hoped that this rigorous schedule would help) and so I went on in an nLD. I remember in some way getting to this flattish house that was very, very luxurious by my standards in waking life but very normal there. One of my friends from WL was there and he asked me what game I wanted to play. I said "Block War" (or something along those lines) and he said, "Teach me how to play Block War!" I carefully explained it to him. (I cannot for the life of me remember the description but it had to do with a whale at the end for some reason) So we played that for a while and then he wanted to go check out my PC, so I showed it to him. I realized there was no mousepad so I tore up the house looking for one and I found it. I remember leaving and then going somewhere but getting murdered before I could do anything.

    Dream Fragment #2 I remember having to go retrieve something and my vision flashing, "Episode 1". I went to this YMCA-type place near where I live IWL, more or less, except everything was different. When I got there I saw some people that I hate from school throwing around a frisbee on an extremely steep dirt hill. I was wearing flip-flops and had to walk down it to see where I wanted to go. I almost wiped out a few times but I managed to get to the bottom. I was then thrown into a few trivial tasks that I cannot remember but at some point aliens invaded and completely destroyed this mansion next to the YMCA and used it as their base. I saw I couple of celebrities walk down from above and come over next to me. They looked like they wanted to fight the aliens, and I agreed, but I said I want to talk to them first (WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I'M NOT A DC!) so I walked up to the front door of the mansion. The door opened into a makeshift council room of sorts. There were about eight normal-sized aliens in the room and like 2 bigger ones, probably about seven and a half feet tall. I asked them what they wanted. Not a good idea. It got me eaten my one of the bigger ones, while the famous people started fighting them. I woke up and laughed really hard at my dream action. I think it was form listening to the newest podcast about treating DCs with respect before bed lol.

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