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    1. Competition lucid 1

      by , 08-06-2016 at 11:09 AM
      DISCLAIMER: It was quite a long lucid, but not a very high lucidity so I don't remember the first parts of it! I do remember making conscious decisions, so I am sure it was a proper lucid dream. The vividness and awareness just wasn't very high. So some elements may be slightly out of order or hazy.

      I remember thinking about a movie in which all these guys were holding off a invasion of birds (Have any of you heard of Birdemic?) by shooting them all. The four of them hold them off for a very long time with quite skillful marksmanship, but one of the party gets dragged off and stabs himself to not endanger the rest. A different party member has a spear with a head that comes off and uses it to kill the huge bird. This may all be a separate dream or the beginning of the lucid.

      I'm walking down a long street with a lot of cars. I turn into a side street with a little field and I think there was also a play hut for the kids of the neighborhood. I realise I'm dreaming (Like I said, I don't remember the exact beginning. I was tired and needed to catch up on sleep. Surprised I got lucid at all!) and want to try to use some superpowers. I think of the bird shooting scene and using a revolver pistol (with infinite ammunition) I start shooting balloons. I slow down time and shoot super quick volleys of four bullets, so that the bullets in real time all hit really quickly after one another. I do this a few times. One of the volleys I fire off is completely off target, but I think about bending the bullets and the bullets heavily curve and twist their path and then all four still connect. I'm trying my powers, so I walk up to a truck. I see there's a DC inside (with features reminiscent of Purple from Day of the Tentacle). I talked about wanting to do super strength and throwing things with my buddy KatBoBo - she reminded me to check that there were no DC's inside when I'd do that. I get him out of there and place him on the ground. Then I lift the truck, trying to make it feel heavy, and throw it. I visualise using Nen (from Hunter x Hunter) and throw it like 10-15 meters. I run after it with very swift running, large strides and faster than normal and see it has landed on the road that I came from. I throw it again.
      Then later, I see that at my balloon practice range there's a very large blue one that's descending fast. I ask the guy who's standing there -who looks quite like McCree, so maybe the revolver earlier was his as well- for a card or a piece of cardboard. (I don't know why. I probably started losing lucidity at this point.) I quickly straighten it and flick it at the descending big balloon. Just before it would land right beside me it rips to pieces.

      I remember having a quick thought after that about the mess I made. I visualize pulling back the hands of a clock to set back time and undo the damage. However, I don't feel like I was really lucid at this point, so I'm not counting that part.