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    Random lucid derpiness

    by , 01-18-2016 at 07:44 AM (249 Views)
    It starts at home. There is some family drama and my sister storms up the stairs angrily. When I finish eating I go to her and we make up. Yay!

    Later, I am at a water park. (Pretty sure it was the same dream but I do not remember the transition). As I walk the stairs to the slide, I notice that everybody is talking about being ashamed of things. I find this odd, reality check and succeed! I get lucid and go down the slide. While sliding, the dream starts to fade, but I remember I could spin slow circles to stabilize it. I do as said and find the dream more stable than ever. I launch myself off the side of the slide and fly towards a grassy landscape with a couple of trees. As I jump down for the landing, I turn myself into a giant (probably got that personal goal in my mind) and walk a few steps before being distracted by a small town. (So the transformation worked but wasn't very persistent.) I try really hard to remember my second task, but fail. I actually had to look it up here on DV afterwards. I spawn some money and a gun for myself all GTA style and shoot at someone near a supermarket from the air (no idea why - dream and clarity was slowly vanishing) as the dream fades and I wake up.

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