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    Very very short lucid

    by , 01-16-2016 at 11:25 AM (256 Views)
    I am at my old school, standing near the place where people leave their bikes. There's a weird contraption standing there made by a girl I know. After a quick announcement, the thing fires roughly six shots in various directions which whirl around chaotically before popping in places nearby. I walk up to one of the capsules, and there is a smaller capsule and a very large sheet of music (also, some weird stickers). Inside the smaller capsule are adverts for various living spaces in the area. No idea why - but my school is now advertising apartments and houses you can rent and/or buy. A second salvo fires, and I open just one capsule to not be greedy even though there were three brightly-colored ones nearby. Inside this one is about 30,- and one of the small capsules. I don't really pay attention to the ad but just take the money. People around me beg to get some of it, but I am selfish and just keep it. xD I go towards the bike racks to go home. I ask someone if we can cycle home together, but for some reason I end up cycling alone. That's when things got really strange to me. I remember the colors in the world feeling very weird and bluish, and only being able to cycle very slowly - like moving through syrup. (That's one of my dream signs.) I push my finger into my hand - and it goes through! I get lucid, but get a little overexcited. I remember my goal of flying and try to perform it, but I start waking up rapidly. I am almost able to stabilize the dream, but to no avail. I wake up.

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