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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-01-15.2 | nonlucid

    by , 01-16-2011 at 07:08 PM (356 Views)
    I am getting home from hanging out with my best friend. I am not sure what we were doing
    but he is still with me. I go to open the back door but it's locked, we rarely ever use the front
    door. I don't remember pulling out my key or anything but I somehow managed to get it open.
    I was slightly angry because it was not nighttime so my parents were awake and the door should
    have been unlocked. I open the door but there is resistance. I push against it and overpower
    it, prying it open to find my mom trying to push it closed. I manage to get inside and she is
    laughing as if it is a joke. I become very angry and start spewing obscenities and storm up
    to my room. I close the door and go over to my clock which is in the correct corner of my room
    but the dresser it is sitting on is on the wrong wall. Also, the clock light is yellow as opposed to red
    and it is huge, like an old piece of technology that requires a lot of mechanics. The housing is
    about the dimension of a large book and the top is open so you can see a bunch of electronics.
    I pull the clock closer so I can see the time better and it shuts off. I look at the connections inside
    and push on a couple of the connectors until I find one that was slightly out. I push it back in and
    the clock turns on again. I look. 8:58. It is in the morning.
    This was actually roughly close to the time
    it was in real life, probably around 7:30. I remember doing something else then lying down in my bed.
    I sort of went to sleep.
    Didn't have a "dream within a dream" or anything, but when I woke up, the layout
    was normal. Everything reflected how it really is in my room. Then a thought popped into my mind. A
    thought that crosses my mind in waking life quite frequently by my own intent. "Am I dreaming?". I
    looked at the red digits on my alarm clock and it was a little fuzzy but I could make out 9:04. As soon
    as I read and understood what time it was however. The clock sort of glitched. At first the digits just
    flickered a little. Then they changed to Japanese characters. I became quite excited. "I am dreaming"
    but I did not feel lucid. I thought to myself how I knew I was dreaming but it did not feel vivid at all. I
    tried to make it that way but it did not work.
    I became disappointed and woke up.

    I feel like I was so close to becoming lucid Damnit!

    I went back to sleep and had a fragment of a dream I have had before:
    2011-01-15.3F | NONLUCID

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