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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-01-24 | nonlucid

    by , 01-25-2011 at 02:03 PM (420 Views)
    I am at my house, in my front yard, and it is mid-day. I am, in some way,
    disfigured ( like a zombie or something ), and the only one who sees me
    for the normal person that I am is my best friend. We are down on my
    driveway talking when a police car goes by. We know that for some reason
    the police are looking for me, and I'm like America's most wanted. So I run
    as fast as I can into the woods but it's too late. The cop already saw me and
    called in for backup. Seconds later, a cop comes with a backhoe and starts
    trying to kill me with the arm. I manage to grab on to it hang on. I forget what
    happened next but somehow the cop realized that I never actually did
    anything and decides to help me.
    It gets a little fuzzy after that.

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