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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-02-23 | nonlucid

    by , 02-24-2011 at 02:52 PM (945 Views)
    I am at my house and my Dad is apparently running some sort of lemonade stand, but
    there's no stand. He has this lemonade but he has very poor business skills. He knows
    all about Sales / Supply & Demand, but he doesn't have a good relationship with his
    customers. He tends to fight with them a lot. We are on the roof of my house for some
    reason and we have a black tarp over the front lip where we are sitting. We are working
    on something when my dad asks if I am able to get down from this height. I look, It is
    a decent fall but not too far so I say yes. I jump down and fall promptly to the ground and
    land gracefully.
    In real life, I probably would have hurt myself. I go into the garage and
    start talking to a friend about my dad's customer relation issues and come up with the idea
    that I should start a better "company". Somehow, computer programming plays into it and
    we talk about that for a while. For some reason, I'm a better programmer
    ( not true in
    waking life ) and the friend asks me a questions like "Do you know Emacs Lisp?" Or something
    like that. I tell him I do not, but I'm going to learn it. By this time we are in a huge warehouse-
    like place. Almost like an aircraft hangar
    . The dream ends.

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    1. bennettb6's Avatar
      A career in lemonade stands... Times is tough, huh?
    2. Shadow27's Avatar