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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-03-26.3 | nonlucid

    by , 03-31-2011 at 02:54 AM (819 Views)
    I am at a building and I have just received a letter. It is a company offering me a job because
    they are so impressed with my piece, "Dance of Dreams". I am excited. I walk out of the building
    into a grassy area and I find myself in a grocery store with my mom. I see my marching band
    director, Mr. Decker, and show him the letter. He says "Good job". Later, in the checkout, I show
    the letter to my mom. She is delighted. The checkout comes to $700. I then find myself in a dorm
    that is apparently for my high school even though it is not a boarding school. I am visiting. I walk
    down a hall to a place where a bunch of people are sitting I see one of my friends, standing, and
    I talk to him. I notice that sitting in the group of about six or seven people, is my crush. I say "hi"
    and awkwardly move to the end of the hallway where it turns right. At the end of the next hall there
    is an open door and I see another friend from high school. He says he has to get a shower but we
    should get lunch later. I agree, then go to the next room which is mine. I examine the letter again.
    It has a lot of information about my piece including the key which was listed as D ( it is really Eb )
    as well as the solfege progression, all in the some table. It had then turned to being a college
    asking me to transfer which I am quite disgusted by as I love Millersville and would not transfer. I
    decided I would turn them down.
    The dream ends.

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