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    1. 2011-03-27 | mild

      by , 03-31-2011 at 03:01 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      Again, I wake up from a dream I do not recall and decide to MILD

      I am walking through an alley of a town and it is dark. It gets light and for some reason
      I do a reality check. My finger goes through my palm and I am surprised. It is now daylight
      and I know I am dreaming. I get out my phone and, unlike most of my dreams, it works fine.
      Unfortunately, My crush's number is not in my contacts. It doesn't even cross my mind to
      enter it in manually as I am only partially lucid. I try the "open door" technique several times.
      The first time, it brings up someone completely different who attacks me. After fighting her
      off, I try again several times to no avail. The time is actually brings her into the dream, she
      is about six inches tall. I try a few other things all of which fail.
      The dream ends.
    2. 2011-03-26 | mild

      by , 03-31-2011 at 02:38 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I wake up at about 4:00AM and decide to try MILDing. I say to myself that I want to
      have a lucid dream but I don't repeat it like a mantra. I think about what it feels like
      to be in a lucid dream and let my mind wander. I drift off and have this dream:

      I am in a store. My "family" is there with me and some other employees. The store
      is being watched by robbers or something and we are defending it. They have tapped
      into our security cameras to watch us and we know it. Our leader says "Don't move
      eradically or they will know we are aware of their tap. A guy moves and somethings
      happens with the camera but the robbers don't notice. "See?" the leader says. We
      get everything ready for the invasion then start jumping around to attract the robbers'
      attention. I wake up on the couch at home. I get up and have a feeling I am still dreaming
      I am also fearing that the robbers are coming. I have to go to the bathroom so I go to the
      one off from the kitchen. Afterward, before I leave, I decide to reality check. I stick my
      finger through my palm. At first, it won't go through. I try again for the hell of it. It works.
      I then look closer and find that it just went between my fingers. I try this several times and
      the same thing happens. I think "If it is a dream it is quite clear and vivid." I leave the bathroom
      with some sort of porcelain discus in my hand. My mom and dad are in the kitchen. I throw it
      and think about it coming back. I am almost making it do so. I do this several more times
      making my way to the adjacent dining room. My mom is beside me and my dad across the
      table. I turn to my mom and tell her I am dreaming. I would not have been able to do this
      otherwise. I give the discus and she tries.
      I then wake up for real.
    3. 2011-03-08 | dild

      by , 03-09-2011 at 05:09 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am sitting at my desk at college. I am extremely tired and don't feel well at all. Probably
      because I got up at 5AM the previous morning and didn't go to bed until midnight for the
      purpose of WILD. For some reason I decide to do a reality check. To my astonishment, my
      finger goes through my palm! I am lucid but I think I am in my dorm, which is not true, I am
      actually at home.I get up and instantly feel much better and more awake. I decide to call my
      crush, as a dream character, so I get out my phone. I flip it open and the screen is black. I
      realize it is because electronics just don't work the same way in dreams so instead of pulling
      up my contacts list, I just dial her number manually. The numbers appear in white on the black
      screen as I enter them in. At first, I enter my number. I realize it and clear it out and enter her's.
      The phone rings and someone answers but it is not her. I decide to try the method where you
      call out for the person. Again, someone answers but it is not her. Apparently there is someone
      else in the hall that has the same name. It is some random girl that I do not know.
      I then wake
      up. I am still in my dorm sitting in my chair I reality check again and find I am still
      dreaming! I try again to no avail. I walk out of my dorm and go outside where there
      is a playground. Obviously, there wouldn't be a playground on a college campus but
      this is a dream so whatever. I start climbing around on stuff and eventually think of
      the time its 9:45 "crap I'm missing English". I am probably a little less lucid at this
      point. I get up on some monkey bars and I start to notice the dream fading. I try to
      stabilize it by rubbing my hands together it works. A guy about my age appears
      beside me and says "Why won't you wake up? You need to wake up." I decide to let
      it happen
      and I wake up in my dorm again. I look at the clock. 2:30. "Crap, I missed
      a lot of classes." I realize it's futile to try to do anything about it but then realize,
      it's spring break. I don't have classes. I am still quite tired but I get up. My roommate
      comes in and says something about me joining his family for dinner. I start to think
      about getting ready for that when
      I truly wake up.

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    4. 2011-02-19n | dild

      by , 02-19-2011 at 09:59 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am taking a nap and fall asleep

      I am playing a game where there are dungeons and such and the whole game is a massive maze.
      I go around this maze for a very long time, this is a 2 hour long dream. The character is Amaterasu
      but the game is nothing like Okami At some point, I get this power-up that allows me to duplicate my
      character or teleport it. I continue through the maze, it is quite a labyrinth, and eventually I realize
      there is a map map and every now and then I look at it and realize that I'm in a completely different
      section than I thought I was and remember. I have this icon for my character and I notice the same
      icon on other places of the map. I remember that I can switch between and that I had gotten the
      power-up that lets me teleport. I pressed some button and was able to move one of them around on
      the map. I exited the map and the character shot over to the new position. I see big blue letters on the
      screen saying 62 remaining. I was like wow, I must have built up a lot of points to get that many charges
      for this power-up. But then I got bored and stopped playing the game. I am in my room at home talking
      to my mom on the phone. I am talking with headphones I have plugged in to it and somehow my
      connectivity is shown on the computer screen. She tells me she is going to some meeting thing, I can't
      remember what its for, and she doesn't know how long it will be, but after a short conversation the call
      cuts out. I am on my computer playing some desktop defense style game and it somewhat resembles the
      map from the last game. For some reason I keep trying to get a hold of my mom. I pull down a list of
      numbers on my screen and non of them are her name. It only shows the numbers that you can connect to,
      like a wifi card would with networks. I have this strange fear of something bad happening. I try for a very
      long time to get a hold of her but the signal is just too bad. Every now and then I'll start a game, but I won't
      even finish the first round, then shut it off. I get up and go to go downstairs. Halfway out my bedroom door
      I realize my headphones are still in. I turn around, take them off, and throw them on the bed. I walk out and
      look out the window adjacent to my door. I can see flashes of blue light in the sky that indicate a storm. That
      explains to me why the phone connectivity was so bad. I walk down stairs and realize in the back of my mind
      that I am dreaming but I'm not really aware of it. I wonder, "This is a dream, my family is probably going
      to be messed up ad hostile in some way" as most of my dreams are. I walk down and my brother is standing
      in the hallway outside our computer room and my dad is doing something on his computer. My Mom is in the
      room next to that. My Dad sees me and yells "Go back upstairs!". Everyone becomes hostile as I thought and
      starts coming toward me. I am standing at the foot of the stairs but in the rec-room and my brother and mom
      advance on me. I "decide" that this would be better to handle lucid. I literally willed myself to become lucid
      and everything became extremely vivid, it wasn't a fuzzy dream to begin with, and I push everyone back with
      my mind. unfortunately, the fast transition into lucidity woke me up.
      I am laying in my bed in a very dreamlike
      state. I am disoriented and feel almost as if I am in sleep paralysis, but as soon as I realize where I am and
      what had happened, I feel no paralysis and I get up, reality check ( passes ), and I scribble down notes on the

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    5. 2011-02-03f | DILD

      by , 02-04-2011 at 05:16 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in some sort of hotel with a bunch of friends and I am looking for my crush.
      I do reality checks so much now that I often do them just to do them, this is the case
      here. I do a reality check just to see if I'm dreaming, nothing prompted me. I don't
      think I'm dreaming but I try to put my finger through my palm anyway. To my astonishment,
      it works. I become lucid for a few seconds walk around the hallway. I think, hey "This
      brings my lucid count to 3!".
      Wrong, its 2. Later, the lucidity faids just as soon
      as it started and
      so does the dream.

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    6. 2011-01-28.2 | dild

      by , 01-29-2011 at 04:04 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      my first lucid dream!
      I am at home in the upstairs bathroom. I am just standing there and suddenly I think, "Wait
      shouldn't I be at college?". The term "Reality Check" pops into my mind. I decide to try the
      finger/palm reality check. I push my right index finger into the center of my left palm. At first,
      I think the reality check is passing because my finger is buckling under the force that I'm pushing
      at my palm. but then I look at the back of my left hand and notice the tip of my finger coming
      through. I push more, there is a lot of resistance but I manage to get my finger through my
      palm. I become excited. "I am dreaming." I think to myself. Immediately, everything becomes
      quite vivid. I take notice of this then say to myself with a smile on my face. "I am having a lucid dream...
      I am finally having a lucid dream!". I think "What should I do?". I realize it is night-time in my dream
      so some of the things I remember speculating about to myself during waking life will not work. In the
      end, I decide to call my crush. I go downstairs, pushing my finger through my palm every now and then
      just for the hell of it. I get to the dining room. The light is on and my parents are there but it is around
      10:00 at night so I am confused as to why they would be awake. It is a dream though, after all. I push my
      finger through my palm one more time and this time move it around a bit. I am so fascinated! I feel my
      Dad may attempt to stop me from leaving the house though so I try to leave discretely. I grab my pumas
      and go into the game room which is always dark when the light is off and kind of out of the way. So I start
      putting my shoes on and my Dad goes out the door. I start tieing my shoes and realize that they are huge.
      The tongue is massive and the laces are those thin round laces that never stay tied. They look somewhat
      similar to Osiris's which I am not really a fan of. I continue tieing them but before I can finish
      the dream ends.
      I wake up and think... "Did I just have a lucid dream?"

      Yes... yes I did. But it was somewhat disappointing. Oh Well, next time

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