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    1. Old-06 | nonlucid

      by , 03-13-2011 at 01:53 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am at some sort of massive school. I outside and there are about twenty other people my age.
      There is a massive wooden playground set that is about the size of a million-dollar house. The
      playground set is a complex mesh of wooden beams and platforms. Somewhere in this massive
      structure, there is some sort of amethyst stone about half an inch in diameter. The stone apparently
      gives the holder supernatural abilities. I and the other twenty people begin searching for it. It is
      a race. Everyone wants it. I start searching through the huge maze of wooden boards. I get up high
      in the structure and finally see the stone resting on one of the far out beams behind a web of trusses.
      I carefully climb out onto the wooden beam. I manage to grab the stone. Immediately, I fly off faster
      than I have ever gone in a dream. I touch down by a fence away from the play ground. The others,
      realizing I had found the stone, start chasing me. I float there and fight a couple of them off telekinetically.

      At this point, the dream ends.
    2. 2011-02-19n | dild

      by , 02-19-2011 at 09:59 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am taking a nap and fall asleep

      I am playing a game where there are dungeons and such and the whole game is a massive maze.
      I go around this maze for a very long time, this is a 2 hour long dream. The character is Amaterasu
      but the game is nothing like Okami At some point, I get this power-up that allows me to duplicate my
      character or teleport it. I continue through the maze, it is quite a labyrinth, and eventually I realize
      there is a map map and every now and then I look at it and realize that I'm in a completely different
      section than I thought I was and remember. I have this icon for my character and I notice the same
      icon on other places of the map. I remember that I can switch between and that I had gotten the
      power-up that lets me teleport. I pressed some button and was able to move one of them around on
      the map. I exited the map and the character shot over to the new position. I see big blue letters on the
      screen saying 62 remaining. I was like wow, I must have built up a lot of points to get that many charges
      for this power-up. But then I got bored and stopped playing the game. I am in my room at home talking
      to my mom on the phone. I am talking with headphones I have plugged in to it and somehow my
      connectivity is shown on the computer screen. She tells me she is going to some meeting thing, I can't
      remember what its for, and she doesn't know how long it will be, but after a short conversation the call
      cuts out. I am on my computer playing some desktop defense style game and it somewhat resembles the
      map from the last game. For some reason I keep trying to get a hold of my mom. I pull down a list of
      numbers on my screen and non of them are her name. It only shows the numbers that you can connect to,
      like a wifi card would with networks. I have this strange fear of something bad happening. I try for a very
      long time to get a hold of her but the signal is just too bad. Every now and then I'll start a game, but I won't
      even finish the first round, then shut it off. I get up and go to go downstairs. Halfway out my bedroom door
      I realize my headphones are still in. I turn around, take them off, and throw them on the bed. I walk out and
      look out the window adjacent to my door. I can see flashes of blue light in the sky that indicate a storm. That
      explains to me why the phone connectivity was so bad. I walk down stairs and realize in the back of my mind
      that I am dreaming but I'm not really aware of it. I wonder, "This is a dream, my family is probably going
      to be messed up ad hostile in some way" as most of my dreams are. I walk down and my brother is standing
      in the hallway outside our computer room and my dad is doing something on his computer. My Mom is in the
      room next to that. My Dad sees me and yells "Go back upstairs!". Everyone becomes hostile as I thought and
      starts coming toward me. I am standing at the foot of the stairs but in the rec-room and my brother and mom
      advance on me. I "decide" that this would be better to handle lucid. I literally willed myself to become lucid
      and everything became extremely vivid, it wasn't a fuzzy dream to begin with, and I push everyone back with
      my mind. unfortunately, the fast transition into lucidity woke me up.
      I am laying in my bed in a very dreamlike
      state. I am disoriented and feel almost as if I am in sleep paralysis, but as soon as I realize where I am and
      what had happened, I feel no paralysis and I get up, reality check ( passes ), and I scribble down notes on the

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    3. Old - 04 | nonlucid

      by , 02-06-2011 at 06:05 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am going on vacation with the Simpsons. We go to this building and take a tour. Eventually we
      get up to this hallway with a huge window on the right side overlooking a beautiful view from at
      least a hundred feet up. We look out the window and I sort of lean up against it. I phase through the
      window and start drifting toward the ground. I wasn't falling, more floating and gravity was greatly
      reduced. Bart and Lisa followed then Homer and Marge. We floated around for a while basically
      moon walking, then flew back up to the building through the window. We went to tell one of the
      guides about this window but the woman we told happened to be suicidal and jumped through the
      window, somehow maintaining normal gravity. We continued down the hallway and went through
      a door to the left. I find myself in a dark labyrinth. There is a faint red light cast on everything so I
      can still see. I can also see over the walls and the floor changes elevation a lot. Not with steps but
      ramps. Then my view changes to a bird's-eye perspective of the maze. I run around the maze for
      a while seeing flying creatures at some points, it wasn't really scary though. Before I find the exit,

      the dream ends
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Old - 03 | nonlucid

      by , 01-25-2011 at 09:17 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in my room and I intuitively know the backstory of this extremely strange
      dream. At a certain interval of time, a different room, at random, in my house
      will begin glowing bright blue. Furthermore, any person in the room at the time
      would become a zombie of some sort. I seem to be the only person who knew this.
      I looked out of my door and saw my parents' room light up. Moments later my dad
      walks out and I slipped back in my room for fear of him seeing me. He went down
      the stairs and into our dining room, as did my mother. I go down the steps after
      them, making sure not to be seen. I as I come to the dining room, which is past
      our computer room, I see the dining room light is on and my dad is sitting at his
      spot at the table doing something, I can't tell what. My mother is cutting coupons
      out of a magazine. I hear my brother coming and hide because I don't know if he is
      infected or not. He walks by wearing a blue cape and drooling blue foam, somewhat
      like rabies. He then leaves through the front door of the house. I hear a growl.
      It is Chelsea, one of my two dogs and she is infected as well. I run and she chases
      me. AFter a while, she runs out of breathe and turns back to normal. I think...
      maybe outrunning them cures them. So I got my other dog to chase me and the same
      thing happened. I realized that they were also a bit sluggish. Their stamina was
      greatly reduced by whatever this was. So I went to the door and walked out. My
      parents followed and I tried to run but it was like trying to run on the moon. I
      managed to get away from my parents but then I encountered my brother at the bottom
      of my driveway. He began chasing me
      and the dream ended.

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    5. Old - 02 | nonlucid

      by , 01-25-2011 at 09:16 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in a forest but it is quite busy. This forest has many building and structures, the
      most prominent of which is a shopping mall. I am in a building a good distance away from
      this mall. It has a similar architecture but the purpose is much different. I am looking
      for my friends from Indoor Percussion Ensemble at my high school. I think I came to this
      building looking for them but they are not here so I decided to go check Somewhere else.
      It takes a substancial amount of time to get anywhere because the buildings are all so far
      appart. I go to the mall first. I go in and start looking. The mall is very interesting
      architecturally. The oustide is, for the most part, cubic and there are ramps jutting out
      from the bottom at every entrance. The ramps go to the ground and in the forest landscape
      it looks extremely out of place, yet somehow, it fits. I go up one of the ramps into the
      complex. I go up a set of steps. Everything is very professional looking. The marble floors,
      modern stairs, and glass doors and partitions are quite well constructed and beautiful from
      an architectural point of view. I cannot find my friends here so I leave and go to several
      other buildings. After a long time of searching, I find someone I know and ask them if they
      have seen the people from indoor. They say no, so I decide to check the mall again. I get
      there after an even longer walk and go in. I go through the glass door and up the professional
      looking stairs again. This time, I come up to a landing where I find several of my friends.
      My friend, Peter, goes up to Canada to get some sort of high quality syrup. Two hours later,
      he gets back with the syrup, and two speeding tickets. This is in Pennsylvania... We all
      laugh about it
      and the dream ends.

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    6. Old - 01 | nonlucid

      by , 01-20-2011 at 03:19 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in my high school's band room. It is a night-time practice during marching
      season but we are inside working on music. For some reason I do not have my
      saxophone. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing, I am helping the pit. Jill
      is having trouble so I go over to help her and I look at the keys on the marimba.
      From a distance, it looks completely joined and glassy. At a closer view, however,
      the keys are obviously separated, as they should be, but there is no progression
      in size. The size of the keys are all random and non-sequential. They should
      gradually become smaller, the closer to the right side of the instrument they
      come. This is not the case. The marimba should not even play correctly. Somehow,
      it does. I go and check the other marimbas across the room and notice that the
      letter names for the notes are etched into the keys. I find octave C's, play them,
      and show Jill. She gets the orientation and begins working on the music. All the
      while, the rest of the band is playing the show. Then my crush comes over to help
      Jill with the music. I hug her
      and the dream ends.

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    7. 2011-01-13 | nonlucid

      by , 01-14-2011 at 04:48 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I have asked my mom to take me to the mall, as I currently have no car. The dream
      begins when we get there. We are in the parking lot looking for a spot. It is a strange
      parking lot. It is normal now, but as soon as we cross in front of the building, which
      happens to not be a mall but like a Walmart or something, and get into the back part
      of the lot, It becomes a relatively simple maze. It is also an impossible setup, a cheat
      of architecture which I did not pick up on in the dream. We drove around, looking for a
      place to park and eventually, after actually passing up several perfect good spots without
      notice as the lot was pretty much empty, stopped directly in front of the building and my
      mom just dropped me off.
      I go inside and meet up with some friends from my dorm at college. The Walmart is huge.
      My friends and I meet up with some older students from the same college, whom I have
      never seen, and we go up to a dorm hall in a small building in the middle of the Walmart.
      The guy who comes to meet us and take us there is a slightly heavyset, stubble haired kid
      who looks to be a senior. Kind of like Buz from "Home Alone" but not quite as ugly. He
      takes us up to the top floor where we all talk and socialize, not doing much really. Its hot
      so I take off my jacket and put it on a table in a small room. Eventually my friends and I
      decide to leave and we go back out to the Walmart. Everyone is buying Halloween
      costumes which is extremely strange as it is January and there is snow on the ground
      outside. But it seemed perfectly normal so I started looking for something. Before I found
      anything, however, I remembered I left my jacket up in the room in the dorm. So I went
      looking for the building and couldn't find it. I searched for the building and for the kid for
      what felt like about ten or twenty minutes then forgot about it when I ran into my best
      friend. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of airsoft; that a bunch of people were
      setting one up and it would be a really massive game. Of course, I agreed. He gave me a
      full plastic airsoft.... AR-15 I think, and I went on toward the exit of the store. Noticing
      everyone's costumes. One in particular I noticed was a guy who had bought two rubber
      monster hands and was wearing them. The dream actually snapped to his 1st person view
      for just a few seconds while he played with them standing in the checkout line. Then it
      switched back to me as I walked out the door. I still had the rifle. I walked out into a
      much different parking lot. All the back, winding, intricate, and impossible stuff was
      gone. The median between the path in front of the store and the parking area was gone,
      and in its stead was a couple tour buses and what looked like some sort of scissor lift.
      I went over to the lift and a bunch of my friends from high school were sitting on it. There
      were about four sitting under the extended scissor beams and another six sitting on a
      metal platform about half way up the lift but behind me. Kevin complemented the AR from
      the extended part of the metal platform, and I started talking to some of my friends under
      the beams. My friend, Crystal, was in the center and Elizabeth to her right and back a little,
      and a few other people, I don't quite remember.
      The dream ended after about five minutes
      of talking, the subject of which I have no recollection.

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