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    Programming Tutorial

    This is where you will come to learn C for the programming team!
    The course is outlined as follows:
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Programming
    Lesson 2: Variables and expressions
    Lesson 3: Loops and conditionals
    Lesson 4: Functional Decomposition
    Lesson 5: User Input
    Lesson 6: Data Types
    Lesson 7: Arrays
    Lesson 8: Linked Lists
    Lesson 9: Stacks & Queues
    Lesson 10: Recursion
    Lesson 11: Vectors & Matrices
    Lesson 12: Introduction to Graphics with SDL
    Completed lessons
    Lessons in progress...
    Lessons not yet begun

    I will also most likely be creating some short little assignments for each section so check
    regularly. The first lesson will be posted when I have time.
    Thankyou for your interesting in the Lucid video game idea!

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