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    1. what does my dream mean?

      by , 08-07-2010 at 09:55 PM
      so ill catch you up on reality first: My aunt has stayed the whole summer at my house. She is in the middle of a divorce,and the court is being unfair to her and mike ( husband) is a b**** who called my aunt bipolar to the court and is taking away all her money and is trying to keep my cousin too. Lea, my cousin is eight and loves her mother more than father, because he scares her, and abuses her pets and such. Abnout a month ago, police officers came into my house, yelled at me and my little sister, searched our house and took away my cousin(note: my aunt and cousin [used to?] live in nebraska, i live in Colorado) And tookm her back 'home'. I havent seen her since and i miss her. My aunt is still working on filing things against mike and is still living at my house.

      Dream time:
      ( i was stupid and didnt write thhe dream down, so this is what i remember from the words i did write down)
      There was a hhuge house(my aunt had a huge house before this happened) and my aunt and i were looking for Lea. Mike was there, and he left and we looked on each floor for lea, but couldnt find her. we knew she was there. I looked at a map and saw that there was a seccret floor where mike was keeping her locked up, but before we could find it mike was back and we were terrrified . the the dream faded into another, less-relevant one( My other cousin apparently lucid dreams in her spare time[why diodnt i realize i was dreaming??!])
      But does anyone know what this could mean? or did i just have thhis dream because of what is happening?
    2. Share your dream from last night in one sentence

      by , 08-06-2010 at 09:23 PM
      An old friend of mine started coming to my school and i tried to get her attention but it turned out it wasnt her- then she was looking for a can of peaches and my sister and i hid from her in the school's hog pen.
    3. Share your dream from last night in one sentence

      by , 08-06-2010 at 09:22 PM
      i was in lowes looking for penut butter and found it on a reaally high shelf and my french teacher got it for me because she was running a cafe on the lowes roof and i couldn't reach her.
    4. Dogs, Cardboard school, traffic?

      by , 08-04-2010 at 09:32 PM
      So i was in a nieghborhood , very small, more like a raod, and there was a circle of trees, and this dirt road was curving out of sight, and across that road was a schoolhouse and houses. I was looking around for something, and saw my skipperkey, Pepper, running around, and my cousins shih-tzu Teddy, running around on the othe side of the road. I wanted to get to my Peppers, so i started running across the road (Where there were cars speeding down it at like 100 mph every two seconds) And shouting'Peppers, come here!!!!' but they wouldn'tlisten. so i stopped on the other side of the road, and suddenly Pepper and teddy were two anime-like little girls with razor slashed bangs with long, straight (evil looking ) hair that i was babysitting, and they wanted to play. So i went to the school's playground, where a few kids were making two sky-scraper schools(they looked like really tall, cardboard doghouses without the roofs and complete with the doggy doors) and picked them up and thought (all the sudden it was third person and i was looking at myself carrying a tall stack of boxes that reached the sky) That i would have to cut them down because the girls wouldnt be able to climb in the bedrooms way up high.(?) and thus, my dream ended.
    5. a dream from last week-

      by , 08-04-2010 at 09:22 PM
      I cant remember it well, but it goes something like this:
      I was in a war. For somereason, we could all fly, but my enemies were in little caterpillar-like ships and were very small.We seemed to be in a 3d tetris landscape, with a kind of sunset background. we were battling, well i was mostly avoiding all of them, but i remember my friend got shot and i helped him while we were defeating the flying caterpillar enemies. (the dream really diddnt make this much sense, i cant remember half of it, something to do with a pokemon and super smash brothers videogame boss)
      And this was the same dream but im not sure how it got to this point:
      Roger-My crush- and i were standing on a tyype of escalator in a stairwell. There were two lines and we were in the same one, but all the sudden i knew we were splitting into boys/girls lines. And i also knew we were in the line For lunch, and that when you got to the bottom, you had to eat a cheeseburger , and then kiss your partner( whoever was in the other line at the same place as you) and as we were waiting i was nervous to kiss roger, and we passed a bathroom, it wasnt aligned with the floor, it was floating there ,a hole in the wall, because we were on an escalator. I saw a bunch of girls looking into mirrors and putting on lipgloss and stuff . I woke up before i got to kiss him