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    1. In the river - Black Mamba

      by , 06-12-2012 at 07:04 AM
      Looking down on a river where my brother, Lian, was on the other side in a "island" type part. I saw a black eel like thing in the water and was explaining to him how we could go fishing. I was doing so and as the eel like thing came past me from the left I could see it was a black snake. By that time it was already caught by some device I had that wrapped, like a noose round its back end. The snake made sounds like a rattle snake when moving through the water, but only after thats what I realised it was.

      When it realised it was caught it became agressive and went for my brother, who I warned about the snake. He dived into the water to swim away but the snake caught up to him. It bit him on the finger as he tried to grab it on the head. I jumped in to go and save him and had a flash of statictics come up about how many seconds he had to get to shore before the poison would kick in and he would not be able to swim. They seemed inaccurate as he made it to the shore, though it took longer than he had.

      I got there just as he made it to shore and took the snake from him, as I did so its head came free and I pulled its head towards me from around my right hand side where its fangs dug in. I took hold of the head and pulled it out, looked for a rock to kill it with and found a square concrete tile. I had the thought that if I had not been fishing non of this would have happened as I did not want to kill that snake, but it would kill us if not.

      I pounded its head and went to assist Lian, who was ok. I had the thought of some leafs that would help draw the poison but non were about.

      We seemed to be both ok, as I knew after 2 min if we were still standing we would be fine