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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Gunfights Galore (LD #23)

    by , 07-07-2015 at 07:15 PM (519 Views)
    July 4, 2015

    I am inside of a gas station type place. Some people have come in and tried to kill us with guns, but so far I have survived along with one other person who is with me. I open the door of the store and look outside. There is a river there along with lush vegetation at the banks of it. I see I boat pull up to the opposite bank of me and there are two people in it. They are being shot at and beg that the guy stops. One of the dudes uses the motor of the boat to block the bullets...but eventually the gunman gets close enough to them and takes them both out. I rush back inside the store and hide. The gunman comes in. I see my partner hiding behind a large metal box. I am so scared that I just dive into a closet at the back. It is pitch black in there. I an see the gunman coming towards my door because the door is slightly cracked open. I am praying that he goes away and I get lucky. He stops right in front of my door, looks around and decided no one is there, so he leaves. Then I'm outside at some camp thing with some friends of mine. It's at a single house in an open grass field with a forest surrounding it. We are all leaving towards our cars and I see two of my friends, C and T, get in a truck. There is another dude who I haven't seen before that gets in a truck behind him. For some reason I walk back over to the trucks and see what the other guy looks like. He looks exactly like T. I walked over to C to check if T was in the car because I thought he got in with him. I saw T and C in the same car however and I was very confused.

    "If you're here, then who is that?"

    I asked T. Immediately the copy of T smiled at me and pulled a gun out. He shot T and C in the head, then pointed his gun at me. Immediately I realized that this was a
    dream. I walked out from the left side of the car and acted all cocky.

    "You think you can do that?" I asked the kid. "Well then I can do this."

    I put my hand down by my side and drew an imaginary gun from my imaginary holster. I pointed my fingers at the dude's head and yelled "BANG". A hole appeared on his forehead with a little bit of blood dripping down. His head fell over and hit the dashboard. I was proud of myself for pulling that off, but right as I was about to walk away the DC got back up and smiled again like he was just joking. He then aimed his gun and shot me in the head. I could see the blood dripping from my head and I was about to die but then I realized I couldn't die, because it was my dream. So we shot back and forth at each other a few times and then I started running away. There was green grass and green trees everywhere. In the field to my left was some trees that were white and skinny. They had a few branches sicking out and on the end of the branches was a green bush. Other than that the trees were bare. I thought the dude had disappeared, but when I turned around he was coming at me and laughing like a maniac. I continued to run and then remembered a trick I had learned in an audio here on DV. I turned around and waited for the dude to get close to me. He now looked like a crazy version of spongebob. I barely had enough time to visualize him soaring away as I punched him before he got on me. I hit him and he went up into the air, not as far as I expected him to go but he still went pretty far. I turned around forgetting about him and remembered my goal to fly. I ran over to one of the skinny white trees and began climbing so I could jump off it. There was perfectly round columns of wood going around the tree in a circle. It started at the ground and as you continued going around you slowly went up and up. After I had jumped on the first log I felt the dream fading. I then jumped to the second log and
    woke up.

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