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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Hunger Games With Friends...and other stuff

    by , 10-13-2014 at 04:21 AM (263 Views)
    Dream 1

    In my notes for the dream, it said that I had to survive in the jungle. I don't remember any of this dream but I had an image, and I'm not sure if it's just made up on the spot but I'm typing it out anyways.

    I'm walking down a path in the jungle. There are lush plants and trees all around me. I have a rifle (AR-15?) in my arms. I see a deer and aim through the scope and fire.

    Dream 2

    I am at my friends house and there are a bunch of us there. We decide to fight and me and another kid team up. We are attacking another group and we get one of them out, but his teammate keeps fighting. He leaves and comes back with a metal rod with spikes at the end. He walks up behind my teammate and whacks him in the head. I hear the sound of metal hit bone and I hear my teammate's skull break open. I am now terrified as the opponent advances on me and I tell him to stop because that weapon can seriously hurt someone.

    Dream 3

    could be the same dream as Dream 2 or just a continuation

    I am at the basketball gym with all my friends. We are shooting around and I pick up a ball from out of bounds and shoot it one handed. Then the gym transforms into someone's house and we are shooting at a mini basketball hoop.

    Dream 4
    I am driving to a restaurant to eat with some friends. My view is in third person, like in a video game, and its not even the car I have IWL. I think about drinking at the restaurant and I am frustrated that my parent's let me go, because then I have to make this hard decision. As I pull out from a parking lot, I keep thinking about all the cool people who drink, but then I keep fighting back and thinking about how it could ruin my life. I was losing the battle and had basically made up my mind to drink. (IWL it is very easy for me to decide not to drink)

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