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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Lots of Dreams that Keep Continuing a Story

    by , 10-16-2014 at 04:55 AM (238 Views)
    Dream 1
    My dad and I are going to one of my friend's house to do something. I have a ton of homework to do so I have to be quick. When we get inside, I see my uncle is in handcuffs and has been arrested. Me and my dad break him free of the cuffs. Then me and my dad get back in the car and go to a water park type thing. We have our own swimming room and I am doing my homework in there. My dad is helping me. I see my friends doing tricks down a slide and I join them. I have to slide down the side and land in a small pocket on a thing in the water. I went head first and completed the challenge. There were a few other challenges I had to do and in between I would go back to the room and work on my assignment. Afterwards, I drove us home and I couldn't seem to stop the car before a red light so I had to go through it and I also couldn't turn very well. To turn a little bit it took me a long time.

    Dream 2
    I am at my house and K, S, and someone else are there as well playing a game. They are working on a school project together. S keeps hinting that K likes me. (I used to have a little crush on K) Someone who is older then comes over and K lets him in. They then start studying with him. I go to bed.

    Dream 3
    Its the next day and I am in my sports marketing class. We have to hand in our assignments that day and I get scared because I didn't have it done. I had regret that I didn't work on it more the last few days. The teacher says we have five minutes to complete it so I rush really fast to get it all done. I cut some things out and then go on you tube because I need to watch a video to get some pictures. (We needed five or six pictures of someone) I had all the pictures but they all changed to pictures of something else so I had to get new pictures. The video switches to a criminal talking. I think he is threatening me. Then T, who is older, grabs a TV and mounts it on the wall so everyone can watch something. It was previously on the floor and I wonder how he can lift it by himself and with only one arm. I also thought the teacher would get mad, but she didn't seem to care.

    Dream 4
    I was viewing a commercial where you can get an RH (Retirement home) or a PRH (Personal Retirement Home). (This may have been a commercial from the TV in the previous dream, but I'm not sure. It explained that in the retirement home, you could do whatever you wanted to. Except you have a 20 minute window where you can wash you clothes once a day and a 20 minute window for each meal. It interviewed a lady and she said that if you miss the window for meals you have to eat food that's basically frozen. She said she was always on time to meals but her husband had to eat a frozen meal once and he said it was horrible. (I have in my notes that Andy told her that information. That may have been a name or it was auto correct on my ipod. I'm not sure)

    Dream 5
    I am peeing and telling myself that it was helping me or something and I would pee, then stop, then pee again and I kept doing that. I then woke up and had to go to the bathroom really bad.

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