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    Three Lucid Dreams in ONE Night! (LD's #8, 9, and 10)

    by , 10-12-2014 at 05:36 PM (529 Views)
    The first 4 dreams are continuations of the story but I'm pretty sure they were all separate dreams, and if they weren't, I'm counting them different anyways

    I posted these before LD's that came before because all I had for these dreams was notes and it wasn't fully written out so I was afraid I'd forget. All my other LD's are written out so that's why they come after this one.

    Dream 1
    I am at my cousin's house, though it isn't how it is IWL. We are hanging out and its just the two of us. We are waiting for when we are going to eat breakfast in the morning. We head out to his backyard and there is no door going out back, the wall of the house just opens up into it. There are a few trees and some ponds, and I think it was a little misty. I am then driving my cousin's quad copter and I put it over a Lego city and press a button. The quad copter shoots bullets down on the city. My cousin is then standing where the city was, but the city isn't there anymore. The quad copter keeps shooting as my cousin stands under it and my cousin gets really mad. We have a really big argument. My cousin's mom comes home with his little brother.

    Dream 2
    I am in my house and my mom is going out to the garage to my cousin home. She asks me to do something and I for some reason become lucid. (I can't remember if I did an RC or not) There is a girl in my mom's car in the garage. She is a year older than me and goes to my school and she's pretty hot. It is not my mom's car IWL. I quickly go into 'caveman mode' and walk quickly to the car and get inside. My cousin is also in the car and I tell him to get out. He finally gets out and I lock the doors. Than, the girl proceeds to "assist me" (I won't go on to save you all from description of it.

    Dream 3
    I am sitting on a couch in a palace type thing, kind of like there was on the resorts in Mexico. I do a quick RC and am lucid again! I look around and notice a few people, but I quickly walk to the left into a walkway. There is a guy there in a suit and tie. He is a little bit chubby, I think. I remember that I wanted to ask a DC to train me to get more LD's so I aks him. I also ask him how I can praise God more (which was a bit random because that thought wasn't even in my mind...I just for some reason said it). He tells me to follow him and we walk down the walkway. After walking under an archway, we are in a utility closet type room, but it is fairly big. The walls are carpeted.

    Dream 4
    I am at a restaurant with my cousin's family and my family is also there. I just know I can't be dreaming 'cause we are finally at the restaurant eating breakfast. I decide I should do an RC just to get some practice in so I plug my nose. I can breathe through it, but I'm so conviced I'm not dreaming, I shake it off and use the excuse that I wasn't pinching hard enough. I decide to look at my fingers just to make sure and I expect to count five...but I count six. I recount thinking I had miscounted but sure enough there ware six fingers on each hand. I jumped, realizing I actually was dreaming. I get up and walk over to the bar area. Off to the left, the chubby guy from before was there. We continue the training but instead of telling me what I asked for, he tells me that two hours gives you a lot of time to do things. He also says that two hours shouldn't be wasted in a day, as that is a good chunk of time. I take this to mean that I should be doing something productive and not be wasting time in any day, and that I should cherish the time I have. I am a procrastinator and I waste quite a bit of time every day IWL. He also says that I still have a paper to do in English that's do today, and I should get any homework I have done right away. I start getting worried because I woke up early that morning to finish it, and I won't have any time to finish it because I was eating with my family.( I must've been losing lucidity because I was worried about something that was in a dream...or maybe I thought it was a school day IWl. It was still the weekend when I woke up.) The chubby guy takes me to the bar and introduces me to a friend. He pours us lemonade into a glass and I drink it. It tastes really good. The guy starts talking to me but I can't remember what he says.

    Dream 5
    I am a detective working on a shooting case. I think I'm supposed to be protecting a guy from getting shot. I am at my High School with someone else, who is my assistant. I am like Shawn Spencer in Psych, and I could tell where the shooter would be hiding by very small details. I line up where the bullet will go, and I think I rushed in and tackled the guy to save him. I had to walk down a long hallway where the wall was glass, so a person could easily get shot.
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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Woha! What a score. Very well done, and impressive recall also

      Keep it up!
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    2. Sharpshoey's Avatar
      Thanks! This actually happened two nights ago I think, and I was very excited about it. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come
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    3. JadeGreen's Avatar

      Triple Lucid!

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    4. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Yup, more indeed will come your way! Be assured!