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    something with a portal:(

    , 03-23-2012 at 07:21 AM (260 Views)
    I was lying in the bed, it was night and husband's father was in the room. I thought that it can't be because he lives in other house and I locked the door in the evening, so it might be LD. Made reality check, stood up, ask DC what is he doing here - he answered something that he came home late... I went to the street and flew and ram into some glue and it was on my face and prevent me to see clearly. I tear it off the eyes by my hands and flew higher and saw stars. I thought - it's too high! and found myself under the selling in my grandma room. I land and wanted to make the portal to the library to make TOTM, but portal return me in the room. I made the portal again , it was like colour tube, but it went to real(( I've got a problem with the portals - they don't work, but before they always worked

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