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    Side Notes

    1. " I would break every bone in my body!"

      by , 03-08-2011 at 02:49 PM (Somnium)
      Comment Dream Lucid
      Amount of sleep: 10.5 hours
      Supplement before sleep: Fanta exotic
      Epic: 8.1/10
      Real: 6.5/10

      I was in a house that felt like being on top of a mountain. I was at a guy who had injured himself. the house was designed as a large aircraft. I knew none of those who was there.
      The house was almost like our cabin only reversed, it was stairs going down instead of up, the rooms were almost the same place, and the kitchen and living room was where they should be.

      Later I went skiing or something in a high mountain pass, it was a dive on one side and a large frozen lake on the other side. (Clear references to our cabin and the cabin area of these dreams) I was with a large group, I would see off the cliff next to a stick that was sticking up with a red banner on it. (Just as those who show the way in the desert in the game Ocarina of Time) I slid down, but no one helped me up, but I got myself up. there was a lady (with dark hair, but not the same woman as before) who said that I should slope down in the hill there. I said that I would break every bone in my body. she said what and I said then we would have to go to the hospital. On my way up I saw a red banner over the lake.(Maybe showing me another path here) The whole group was heading towards a cave, right by where I slid down. (It was more of the banners farther away, I drew a drawing.

      I landed at an airport. It was like the airport was high in the sky also, the gates floated, and it looked like a space station. Then suddenly I was down under the platforms (the gates). It was a football field. I think it was a local team playing. The arena was bigger than any football court I have seen, but there were no people in the stands, for there were no spectators, only big fat walls. I sat down in a staircase. the walls were blue, and of plastic, as were the stairs, just like you'd expect in a swimming hall. but the color of the stairs was gray. there were white lines under the blue. Some of my buddies walked towards me, so then I ran up the stairs, and was on top again.

      I was high in the sky all the time in these dreams. I dunno why. I also dreamt that I got my paycheck somewhere in those dreams. I wonder if the numbers are correct with what I actually get.
    2. "It really is cursed"

      by , 02-08-2011 at 09:03 PM (Somnium)
      Comment Dream Lucid
      Epicness: 6,7/10
      I'm at a nightclub. In some way I buy and sell aircrafts. Always something bigger. Suddenly, I have 11.3 million on my bank account. I know because I somehow check it on a computer. I go and dance in the club, it feels like the dream is very long, just being in the club. I tell a girl from my class that I have won much money. Her reaction is not caring at all. I go back to my hotel room and get a message by Tommy at work, he writes in English: you may have to confirm. He will pick us up, me and another for some reason. There's a lot of things I assume to know here. A picture of a large building comes into my head. Large Roman columns outside and a large staircase. It kind of overlaps the current dream, like my last dream.

      I find myself suddenly in a dream I've had before, long ago. There is a room in a hospital that is cursed. A force grab patients and knock them wall to wall in a tight hallway into the room. I go in and also get smacked between the walls, but I manage to go all the way into the room. They say that MRI machines are on the other side of the walls each side of the hallway and that tattoos smack patients to the walls. I don't have any tattoo. When I enter the room there comes a creepy, skinny and bald person behind the door. I have seen him before. I look to the other side and starts waking up. There is a staircase down to something, behind a shower curtain. Another bald and skinny guy is coming up from it.

      I woke up exactly at 6 o'clock one hour before I'm used to wake up. I didn't feel the dream was that of a nightmare even though I were in a cursed room. When i woke up I didn't move and tried to sleep again. the face of the creepy guy was what came to mind and woke me up again. Like something didn't want me to dream again.
      I felt the dream was very long, I think I got an idea that I was dreaming when I had won money, but was not lucid. It might mean that I'm close?

      Amount of sleep: 6,5 hours
      Supplement: Apple juice
    3. "when this burns, that will burn too"

      by , 02-02-2011 at 01:37 PM (Somnium)
      Comments non-lucid Lucid

      I felt like I have had an introduction to this dream before. I recognized the bridge in it.

      A family, which are depicted as members of my family are preparing to stay in a cabin / house on a tiny little island in something resembling to a fjord. The island only had room for a house with a floor. The house was white with dark brown lists. It was a great and wide wooden bridge to get to the island. At the bridge there is an old man with a blanket over him and a cap on his head sitting in a wheelchair. He has two holes where the left eye should have been. As if the eye had become skin tissue and was punctured. But they have said previously in a dream that he was not dead. The atmosphere is hazy, and over the bridge, I see only a mountain sticking up from the earth that goes sky high. The rest is just swamp, not a road even. Further than just across the bridge I do not see because of fog. Around the hut was only heather, all the way to the water.

      There was a baby there, portrayed as Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. He played in the heather on the west side of the cabin when I heard some voices from nowhere and he argued with them. He died of some reason and the man in the wheelchair drove him west from the cabin with a pickup truck. On a road that did not exist. Later, the father and daughter (my sister and dad) are discussing something I don't remember, while she looked down into the water on her reflection. They stood on the north east side of the cabin. It felt like she were suicidal. I felt that everyone in the family would die.

      Dream skip until night. The whole family sat and watched the reflection of a very similar cabin on the other side. The father explained that the same happens to the cabin as it happens with this. If it burned, this one burned also. I saw that the hut was burning and that this one also did, then the image disappeared. I now have a sort of guided tour of everything in place before I wake up again. Just like as the dream wanted me to remember it. I woke up.

      You may call it a nightmare, but it didn't frighten me even though it was some pretty freaky images there. Like the old man with holes in his eye.

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