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    2/2 Harry Potter and Neil Patrick Harris

    by , 02-02-2013 at 04:07 PM (499 Views)
    went to sleep around 1:30

    woke up at around 4:30 because my room was too hot, went upstairs to drink a glass of water, took off all my clothes except my boxers, I was feeling a little sick but I felt better after a while.

    1. Had a dream where my mom was secretly taking me to certain classes at a high school at night, for brainwashed zombies. Showed a commercial for the school where two fat girls were walking down the hallway and there was a line in between them, both tried to walk straight but one veered into the others path and they slammed against the lockers. Apparently I woke up at the school one time but the dream ended after that.

    2. I also had a dream I was in my front yard and I ran around my house and drove around it at the same time. At some points I was running really fast and other times I was driving an acura msx. I ran/drove down to my backyard to a path where if you kept walking was a public pool, but I could see glowing red tires and I knew a big truck was there and it's illegal to drive on the paths so I went the other way, and further up that way was more glowing red tires so I drove up to my front yard again and went back in the garage, which was way different than my garage in real life. The garage was very long and bright, the floor was tan and the walls were green. I put these shoes back and they were black shoes that looked very expensive and I looked around to see if anyone saw what I did. This car two houses down started driving and I got really scared but it kept driving and parked in the house two houses down on the other side, I almost decided to follow that car into the garage but decided not to. Then my mom and her friend came into the garage and her friend handed me a report card, even though I go to college. It showed B's for all my classes except D for one of my classes. I was like shit but they kept walking away outside. At that point the dream was over.

    3. Another dream where I was in this hallway for hogwarts, it was like an entrance into the school where it was kind of a bridge at the same time. Inside the bridge their were windows on both sides shaped in sort of a kind of shape you see on the sides of stain glass church windows, except without the stained glass. I guess I was harry potter in the dream, and me Ron and Hermione and some others were sitting down and talking next to a window, and Ron kept talking about how he teleports to go snowboarding with him and some friends every day, and how he wanted to go to Six Flags but they put in a theme park inside the school so they would be less tempted to go. Thats when this apparently popular guy walked in the hallway and everyone started moving around, I got up and he went against the window and stared at me for a second, then kept going. He was apparently going out with this really popular girl, when this other guy walked in and he just handed the girl right over to her, as if that guy was now going to be her boyfriend. and everyone was mad about that for some reason, can not make any reasoning out of this part lol. Thats when I went downstairs, as harry, and There was a giant room but a mirror before it where I saw four girls ghosts. And one of the popular kids said something with a phrase at the end and the girls in the mirror kept telling me how vague that saying was, and I recognized one of the girls in the mirror had red hair and her face was familiar as an actor from somewhere but I just dont remember exactly where. She kept repeating the saying and flames started to ignite around her as if it was her aura and she kept telling me how you can't trust people when they say that phrase. And I was like ok i get it and the dream was over.

    4. One last dream where me and Neil Patrick Harris had to do a list of things to get a certain thing accomplished, the dream started after we completed the first thing that had to do with a jet pack. We were in a big department store and everyone had the same list of things to accomplish. You were supposed to neatly put away your jet pack when you were done with it and I kept telling NPH I forgot to put the jet pack away in the right place but he kept ignoring me. We were supposed to find clothes for a night club but the employee that worked at the department store kept taking us to "club clothes" or "party clothes" and showed us clothes that would only fit a small child. We kept telling him we were looking for you know CLUB clothes or night club clothes but he just didn't understand what we were saying. I kept trying to explain to the employee and NPH left to do something else.

    woke up at 9:30

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