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    2/3 Road Trip

    by , 02-03-2013 at 06:08 PM (371 Views)
    It pains me knowing that I remember much less of these dreams than I did the night before, like a step backwards from attaining lucidity.

    I was on a road trip to some beach with my dad and we were all driving different cars. I felt like I was driving this funeral car because there were windows and curtains on the sides of the car. We stopped at this place I guess we were supposed to stop at. We went down this hall and we stopped by a glass door that welcomed us to a tour of real estate at the place or something. We had already driven 3 hours and I noticed one of my cousins hd webcams and realized I had forgotten mine. I was wondering If I should drive back to get my camera or not and we were all sitting around a bed. My cousins webcam was dark brown for some reason and didn't really look the same as how mine looks. I should start doing reality checks every time I see my cousins, they are a very common dream element.

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