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    2/7 The frightful girl

    by , 02-07-2013 at 06:45 PM (399 Views)
    Out of dream: black
    In Dream: [COLOR="#4B0082"]Indigo
    My dream recall was not good at all tonight but it is getting better on average, which is good.

    1. [COLOR="#4B0082"]The first dream I had was me and a group of people in the woods. This one lady about 25-30 years old was telling kids how to make arrows in the woods, and as we were moving locations she put the arrows in her quiver. Something happened inbetween right here but I don't remember what exactly. Next the same lady showed the kids how to make daggers out of breaking sticks. She gave me a stick to break and when I broke it it broke into a perfect dagger like shape. There was also two sticks that were shaped like a mantle to the dagger and I was just observing the dagger until the dream ended.[/COLOR] I would draw it in MS Paint but its just too complex to draw with my skill level.

    I woke up at 4:30 and got up and drank a chocolate milk, some lemonade and some water and went back to sleep at around 4:38.

    I believe this dream spurred from when the first day in class I got this girls number but then (this was in real life, believe it or not) theres this guy that just stares into the window from outside the classroom, and the girl, her name is Laura, kept telling me she was in a class with him before and he is a really weird guy. I got her number in a different class though and in that different class I talked to her telling her how that guy fits the profile of a school shooter, and she's been ignoring me ever since. I just feel like I left a bad impression on her and I wanted to catch up with her after class but she keeps avoiding me lol. I feel almost like a stalker but I just wanted a small conversation just to say hi and how is she doing just to end the last conversation on a good note. So here's the dream:

    2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] I dreamed it was at the end of Accounting class, the class I saw her in. She was leaving and I grabbed all my stuff and she went one way down the hallway but I didn't want to go the same way because she's so hard to approach I just wanted to come from a different way to get to her so it looked more random and by chance that we would meet up. So I run the other way and try to catch up with her by the time she gets outside the building. I run through the halls and parkour over sofas and staircases and I open the front door, and for some reason I see my best friend from elementary to high school andrew running next to me and we have a conversation and say whatsup lol. When I opened the door for the front building he was like thanks for opening the door for me, like pretending I'm being his slave?? Apparently out the front door of the building there is this giant glass wall and I have to open that door too, Andrew makes another joke about me opening the door for him but I'm not paying attention because I'm trying to catch up with Laura. I get outside and see her run under a bridge.[/COLOR] Then I wake up but I am able to kind of DEILD but forget I'm dreaming once I enter because I'm so preoccupied by just talking to Laura to see how she's doing, [COLOR="#4B0082"]so I just go under the bridge to talk to her and I feel as if I'm in a game, because my character stops moving and she starts talking about why she is running away from me, like what happens when you meet a specific NPC in Zelda or Mario or something. but I'm not listening to what she has to say because I realize there is a floating Majora's Mask Icon floating behind her under the bridge, spinning around and glowing like an extra life in a video game. The dream ends shortly after that.[/COLOR]

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