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    2/9 Class is Over

    by , 02-09-2013 at 05:46 PM (455 Views)
    ugh, only 1 dream, here it is

    1. I had a dream I was in this cheap classroom where it looked like a small cafeteria kind of and the hallway outside had this cheap kind of rug to it. I remember outside the hallway I was talking to this girl I used to know named Shannon, and she was in a blue sweatshirt. Somehow it got out that I liked her (what is this 5th grade?) so obviously she stopped talking to me which is perfectly normal. In class we were talking about the history of the human evolution and a black person mentioned that black people came from white people. So i said I'm sorry but I think white people came from black people, because we originally came from africa and as we travelled through snowy areas our skin became white. Then after I said that it was like the most racist thing ever (even though its true) and everyone in the entire classroom kept staring at me for like 45 seconds. I kept saying what, theres DNA evidence to prove its true, whats the matter? and they kept staring at me. Then we went on to something else. But the teacher saw this one girl drinking a capri sun and said GOODBYE GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM! Obviously there was a strict rule against drinking capri sun in class. After she was leaving another guy threw his capri sun in the trash so the teacher kicked him out and pretty soon more than half the class got kicked out so he just said class is cancelled for today. Then in the hall me and a small group of people were walking together (including Shannon) and we start joking around about how retarded that class is. I remember seeing Shannon in a blue sweatshirt and her friend in a red sweatshirt walking together. Then one person starts dancing and I start dancing like I'm in footloose (LOL) and everyone laughs cause I'm dancing so funny. no black people are in our group because I said something that was racist apparently. I kept dancing into this lounge area and I saw through another room to a door outside and there was a black guy dancing outside the window, and further out the window there was a football game being played. This dream was lengthier than I originally thought.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Hey, that's some nice logical thinking you got there. Does this happen to you often? To me it started happening only since I practice LDing.
    2. Shrek's Avatar
      No it's actually one of the most logical things ive said in a dream