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    English Class

    by , 10-13-2013 at 06:31 PM (313 Views)
    Had one dream. I had to go to English class but I had to go through this tiny little hole I could barely fit through to get there. Once I got there the teacher asked me all these questions about what cities on the globe had a lot of architecture after 2006. I kept listing cities like China and Houston and stuff and she kept pointing out the ones I said that were wrong. The room was a darkly lit lecture hall with way more students than are actually in my english class, almost like movie theatre seating. Then two black guys that work in the offices came up and asked this one kid for his student ID and he gave it to them. Then they asked for mine and I said I didn't have one at the moment. Then he said well go get one and I said I didn't have 10 bucks, then he said well whats your name then. They were gonna look me up on the computer and I just told them my student ID number and they left. I started waking up as I was saying thanks for wasting 5 minutes of class time that really came in handy! and other things like that I was waking up.

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