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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. large fragments, dream recall still recovering from spicy food incident lel

      by , 10-17-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Still recovering my sleeping schedule from that spicy food encounter, my dream recall is getting back on track. I set an alarm for 4:15 am and could not get back to bed til around 7 am no matter what I tried, I put on white noise and put a pillow inbetween my legs, read my calculus textbook and "relieved" myself, all things that make me sleepy but to no effect. My dream recall may take a dip because I plan on sleeping for a full 8 hours so that once my body gets used to it I can go back to waking up at 4 and going back to sleep no problem.

      Anyways here are my dreams from last night, or this morning rather:

      7 am
      Dream 1: I am in some house in a rural area. It looks like a vacation home and I feel as if my whole family is there but they all went out to go somewhere and I stayed home. I had to replace the batteries in this one device, it had 4 energizer batteries and the one that I had to replace said "16 weeks" and no charge when I did the little test on the battery. So I replaced it with the other smart living batteries. Im amazed how realistic the batteries were when I put them in. I get the batteries in the device and put the dead battery in the smaller device that works with only 1 working battery and its some sort of laser/flashlight. I lock myself in this small room and feel like I left my phone outside but see it on the table. At this point I suddenly become aware someone else is in the house. I am in the small dark room and I hear their footsteps outside. I try to keep my hands on the doorknob in case the person knows how to unlock the door and he tries to rattle it as hard as he can but I hold on until I wake up.

      8:30 am (false awakening)
      Dream 2: I feel like I wake up and am doing something in the basement when I see a white widow spider on tv, this guy is on a nature show and talking about the spider in its natural habitat. The spider is this giant spider thats legs span about 8 inches and has a white marking on the spiders abdomen. There is some gap in memory of the dream here, then I see a white widow spider right next to me so I go upstairs. My mom made this beef stew thing so I start eating it. I start telling her I need to eat whole grains while I eat this meal. The meal Im eating has beef, tomatoes, a crapload of jalapenos, and some green leaf or vegetable. (sounds kind of disgusting irl). At this point I tell her theres a white widow spider downstairs and we go down. Then I show her where it is and it starts running across a strand of string it has and right on to my dog shadows face. Im about to try to kill the spider before it bites my dog then I wake up.

      Whats strange is the second dream felt so real as opposed to my other dreams I had no idea it was a dream. Other dreams I somehow know they are a dream but don't have the full conciousness to realize im dreaming yet.

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    2. 2/6 fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

      by , 02-06-2013 at 05:26 PM
      Out of dreams: Black
      In Dreams: [COLOR="#4B0082"]Indigo[/COLOR]

      Argh, I just deleted so much of my previous entry, but I'll try to write this up again. My dreams are beginning to work better, I'm starting to see my dreams more vividly. I began to say "I will have lucid dreams" as a mantra, and it kind of works because I have more vivid dreams, except they still are not at lucidity yet.

      Sleep: 1:30
      Wake: 5:00, Concious and trying to enter REM 5:30 - 6:45, 9:20

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] I begin in a weird basement I've never been in before. I see a game system next to a tv so I pop in this sonic game. Sonic is running and apparently I have a PS3 controller even though I only play xbox 360. I press circle to do the spin dash thing when I get to a giant room and there is a giant button in the middle with a star, kind of like the one in this image except much bigger [/COLOR]


      [COLOR="#4B0082"] Then this guy starts commentating in the background of the game while I'm playing. "You have to collect all the rings to hear the whole story", and as I collect the rings I can hear some sort of story being told but only as I collect the rings. I don't get all the rings and I jump again (sonic spends a lot of time in mid-air so you can hear a lengthy story) to hear the rest of the story that I missed. Except when sonic jumps he doesnt spin he just does a boring jump like everyone else. The commentator says "Let it be heard you can have sonic do classic actions and my own specialized actions" and he obviously set his actions to default. From the big button there are three different paths of rings, so three different stories I guess. After that I find this other object in the next room, this weird device to listen to music.[/COLOR] I'll try to draw it but I am terrible at MS Paint, so bare with me here.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"] You could move the machine along the song list, and I just chose the song in the middle, which was a Madonna song for some reason, and so the machine started playing it. Then after a while it played Van Halen, it probably automatically goes to the next song by itself.[/COLOR]

      After this dream I wake up, and even though I feel tired I get up for about 5 minutes so I can wake up a little and record that in my dream journal. After I record it in my dream journal I take a few sips of apple juice and go back to bed. I lie in bed for a while trying to stay concious as my body and subconcious would go into REM mode, but all I can get are slight hallucinations after an hour, so I just give up and go to sleep for real.

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream after this is me and a girl eating cake in a dark room. The cake is kind of gross so I only take one bite. Then I start to see me and a girl start kissing on the chair/table thing you sit on at the doctors office, except I see this from the third person. We don't really french kiss or anything just sensual touching and just the lips. The girl wants to have sex after that but she tells me she can't perform a specific sexual action (forget what it is) and so for some reason I refuse to have sex with her. She keeps begging me to do it anyways but I say I have to go, and I walk out a door, and through the door light is coming in through the sides of the door for some reason maybe because the room/outside on the other side is much brighter.[/COLOR]

      This dream makes me so angry lol. [COLOR="#4B0082"] Me and two other people are talking, I think just anonymous people from my classes at college. We are sitting in chairs outside my bedroom, two of us on one side of the room and another guy on the other. The other two people start talking about dreams and then I say how hard it is for me to go lucid and how I'm trying hard to get a lucid dream, and I'll have to keep trying tonight.[/COLOR] THEN I WAKE UP, I was so angry at my brain....
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