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    Movie Theater and the ride home 2/25

    by , 02-25-2013 at 10:57 PM (313 Views)
    I only remember one very long dream last night, and I only remember segments of it.

    I was in a movie theatre in the lobby. There was a hallway with structures and benches in the middle with movie posters on triangular prisms coming out of the ground like in some malls where you can see three different movie posters if you decide to walk around the structure. I remember there was a guard standing next to the wall but I was just kicking the wall next to a moving sidewalk, one of those things at an airport. I decided to go inside the movie theatre and I sat near this random girl in the corner of the audience section? what do you call the area where all the seats are? the auditorium? stadium? whatever. No one was there so I got up and left to go back into the lobby and continued to kick walls while I was on the moving sidewalk. When I went back into the theatre there were many people there and I chose one of the only seats left, which was next to this girl I have known for a long time named Melanie. For some reason I remember she was wearing a white t shirt. There was tension between us but neither of us said anything for most of the movie, at one part she lazily put her arm over the armrest so it was dangling over my lap. I did nothing and after a while she put her arm back and nothing happened between us.
    I feel as if this might have been a different dream or happened right after the first dream. I was walking home in this field. There were two roads that if the field was a rectangle, I would start at the top left corner and go down a bit then go across horizontally. There were roads on the edges of the field and as I walked through the field a car drove past me and threw a firework out the window, it had already been lit a while ago but for some reason there was still a few explosions left, and after the car drove for a bit it crashed in the distance. Further down the field police with a megaphone told people to walk with their right sides to the road, so I had to walk backwards as I was going from the top left to the top right. As I was walking backwards on the side of the road I saw a policeman staring at me from the back of a bus as he was going the opposite direction and I was walking backwards to follow the police order. The field seemed to be in autumn at dusk. I remember dark orange being a color a lot.

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