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    One eventful walk

    by , 10-12-2013 at 06:18 PM (354 Views)
    Ok I guess my dreams are starting to become more memorable now

    The first thing I remember is that I'm walking down a street right outside my neighborhood, I think I went to this park and I'm on my way back when I see this car crash between three cars. One of the cars keeps plowing into another and the car starts bending inwards and the guy inside is almost crushed. Then the other car pulls away and I go down to help the guy. He apparently doesn't need help and gets out of the car himself. Then the next thing I know it somehow changes to night and the intersection is huge and everyone is stopped at all 4 sides of the intersection. The guy that got out of his car is messing with one of the street lights and using it to weigh his car somehow. While this is happening I see this attractive girl dressed really nice carrying champagne, shes probably a server or something. For some reason me and the girl and a bunch of other people our age start running back towards my neighborhood. I start running backwards so I can talk to the girl face to face and I forget the exact words but I asked her something and she had a rejectful answer. So I just showed off lol and ran a lot faster than everyone else to get home, I kept trying to tell myself to go faster but I was already going so fast.

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