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    Road trip rest stop, Race

    by , 03-12-2013 at 04:54 PM (402 Views)
    First dream was my dad and siblings going into this big rest stop place with restaurants and shops. I walked around and found my old restaurant job there, even though in real life it is not in a big rest stop place. I looked and instead of my old coworkers there were just a bunch of old people in their 30's and 40's that just gave me the vibe of incredibly boring people. I found one girl that used to work there named Antwanette and she asked me to sign her out, I said hey I don't work here anymore so whats the big deal, then Kelly comes to check and Antwanette realizes she forgot to check "the equipment" or something like that. I wander around and look at the bartender, don't know him but looks boring as well, makes some sort of cringing face like he knows he is boring. Then I walk around and I can't find my family, so I walk outside and they walk outside as well, I get in a separate car from them and wait for them to pull out so we can continue on the road trip.
    Second dream I had I was racing my high school friend Andrew. I keep trying to catch up to him but every time I get close he just seems to have slightly more energy and he pulls ahead a bit further. We are racing on this asphalt path but I have never been on this path before. The trees are green and the sun was shining, it's winter in real life and all the trees are leafless. I keep running and following Andrew through this almost jungle like area. I kept trying to pass him but I just ran out of energy every time I caught up with him.

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