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    1. 17th July 2013 - Surreal Dream with Past Self & False Awakening

      by , 07-19-2013 at 01:27 AM (Adventures of a Shy Panda (^_^)v)
      Non-dream | Dream | Lucid

      Bedtime: 05:00

      Title: Untitled
      Description: Surreal dream in which I bump into a lot of people from my past with brief lucidity and a false awakening.

      There was more before this, but I can only remember anything after this point.

      It's dark and quite late and although I don't remember any of them, I'm with a couple of people walking into some kind of bar in town. Once inside, it's absolutely packed with people and I notice something really weird. Amongst the crowd I start seeing people I used to know, but much younger. I even saw my younger self in there.

      I come around the corner to find a round table against the wall where I can see Chloe and some other people sitting while talking and drinking. There's a lot of noise so I lean over in between two people who are sitting on top of the table to shout something across to Chloe. She leans in to listen and I Tell her "Something really weird is happening, everyone I used to know from childhood is here" but she doesn't really understand why that would be weird so I try to explain by saying I just saw my younger self.

      Suddenly I become distracted by the idea that I'm probably dreaming, and look around to see what I could do or where I could go.
      However, the entire dream had been a bit "foggy" and I'm not really aware enough to stabilize the dream so I quickly lose lucidity.

      I notice someone who I think was a young Kusano in the crowd in front of me and it prompts me to think of NEWS, which leads to another brief moment of lucidity where Massu appears behind me, also a younger version, but for some reason he's taller than me.

      He casually throws his right arm around me and leans towards my face to say something, but before he does I cut him off and ask him where Shige is. Usually my DC's don't reply to me so I was really surprised when he answered me, and in English too!

      His reply was very strange, he told me something along the lines of how Shige isn't available or can't be visible or present in my dreams. It kind of made sense to me as he is very rarely in my dreams even when all the other's are, and I often find it impossible to successfully bring him into a lucid dream. But why? Why Shige?

      I tried asking why, but the scene changed and I was thrown into my parents bedroom with one of the other's. Whoever it was still kind of looked like Massu but also both of the others. The entire dream wasn't very "clear" so it's kind of hard to tell.

      Anyway, whoever it was leaned in over me as if they were going to make a move on me so I shoved them away because they weren't Shige!

      After that, I had a false awakening but failed to acknowledge it and tried to get back to "sleep" but I couldn't. I could hear my parents outside my door making noise, and I really REALLY had to pee so I gave up and climbed out of bed.

      Then I actually wake up.

      This was a really "weird feeling" dream, I woke up feeling a bit well, weird. And I did really REALLY have to pee. I consider myself lucky LOL.

      Anyway... It's been a long time since I last focused on lucid dreaming, and I'm so ready to get back into it! Although I'm surprised I (kind of) had one on the first night, especially since I didn't even try. I think I remember waking up naturally about 4 hours after I fell asleep, and had the dream after that.

      Characters: Chloe | Kusano | Massu | Koyama | Tegoshi | Mentions of Shige

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