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    1. My creepy but fun lucid experience!

      by , 01-02-2014 at 12:16 AM
      I was in my house but everything seemed different. My walls were red and candles were lit. The room was a mess too. I thought to my self I must be dreaming because my house is never like this.
      So once I realized I was dreaming I thought of something to do. I remembered reading something online that I wanted to try out. The thing I wanted to try out was to create an original painting. So I turned around and told my self, "when I turn around, an original painting by me, will be on the wall behind me." It worked. I tried this two other times. On the last painting there was ghostly figure in there. I looked at it for 3 seconds and then it ran to a door then opened it (inside the painting) and ran out. When this all happened I heard creepy music, but when the ghostly figure wasn't in the picture anymore it stopped. After I went to a door in the room and I wanted to go to a place that was less creepy so I said, "when I open this door i'll be at a park. But it didn't work. When I opened the door I was outside in my front yard and the ghostly figure was there, Sitting on a rocking chair. I didn't interact with it. I decided to fly away. I don't have much experience with lucid dreams but I guess flying comes naturally to me because I have never had problems with it. I flew high over the trees. Everything seemed swampy and the trees were close together. I kept flying and I saw two blue, run-down abandon houses. I was going to go and explore them but I remember that I pressed snooze on my alarm clock right before I entered the lucid dream. So I kept flying since my time was going to run out and a few seconds later my alarm woke me up.
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