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    A Most Epic Not-Quite-Lucid Dream

    by , 04-30-2012 at 12:21 AM (570 Views)

    Took a nap at 2:45, woke at 5 o'clock

    I don't know the original setting of the dream, but I know that early on in the dream I performed a nose-pinch RC and it worked. I was somewhat surprised and shifted my hand to a spot that I was more sure would block any possible nasal air passage. It still worked. Over and over, probably upwards of a dozen times in a row, I did a nose pinch and every time it came up as breathing through anyways.
    And so I concluded that my nose was broken and that I'd have to ask about it later.
    HUFP()@([email protected]([email protected]#R!#(%$(*#)%[email protected]#()* [email protected])(FQ#YT*(PROE()&$*$*&#(@$& [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way...
    Memory gap. (grrr)
    I remember after some point in the dream that I was back home in Iowa and that I had been hired for some company to do some work at a sort of facility that looked like a retrofitted barn. Retrofitted to seemingly have a six-foot-wide, five-foot-long rail gun (which is basically a completely unworkable design. I helped set up the rail-gun-type-thing in the top of the barn. After a couple hours of testing and what not, we fired it and the shot went about ten feet out of the barn before dropping to the ground.
    Did I mention this is in the middle of my hometown? Actually, a larger version of my hometown?
    Anyways, the round itself was hollow and square with clipped edges and no bottom edge. This was so that a person could look through it and stand with it (the round) around him as it fired. And that lucky person was me.
    Luckily the firing didn't make much noise.
    The third time it fired, I wondered how I would get my hand out of the way of the shot. You see, my job was to reach out in front of the round before it was fired and push a safety tab back into the wall. This somewhat troubled me, as I was to do so only within about a second of the round firing. When the rail gun fired that third time, it didn't seem to push very hard on the (square) round, and it barely cleared the 5' "barrel", if you will, before it tipped down and went crashing to the floor of the barn.
    So much for a rail gun.
    I took my leave at that point, because it was my break then, and biked around the city some. Again I'll say it was my hometown, Cedar Rapids, but it was larger than normal. (In retrospect it reminds me more of Manhattan in size and building type.)
    There's a gap in my recall here, but I know at some point that I stopped to talk to my dad as he was walking somewhere. He mentioned that I didn't need to remotely blow up the rail-gun barn at 3:30 (I had a wireless trigger in my hand), and I panicked because it was 5:23. {note: though my watch was different than normal, it was accurate to the amount of time that had passed.} I reasoned with myself that it must have been intentionally diffused before that point, as I hadn't heard it blow up while biking around. Soon after I and my dad parted ways and resumed biking (me) and walking (him) to wherever it was we were individually going.
    After a while I biked across the river on the 1st street bridge and back over on the 2nd street bridge. I parked my bike there and clambered up the wall-like steep side of the embankment for the road that crossed the bridge where it meets the land. On top, the road was suddenly the flat, tar roof of a building. It was also midday instead of evening (as it had been earlier), and the roof was hot and... bouncy? (Weird.) I walked around on the massive, flat, multi-building roof that I had found until I ran into my dad again. (not literally) We talked some more and he began bouncing on the roof, which was now as resilient as a trampoline. We ended up agreeing on some task to finish before the day was out, and I returned to the area of the roof where my bike was and explored some.
    After another gap in my memory, I know I was back at my house. Sort of. The exterior was pretty messed up, and I remember that I was chasing around some young'uns through the house and around it even. I know at one point out behind the house that I needed to go from one end of the house to the other. However, behind the house there was a lot of equipment like you'd see behind a large store or hotel, but smaller. On my right, halfway down, there were two shiny steel boilers or cookers like you'd see in a pricey restaurant. They were running full steam, and when I walked near them I saw that the only path to get to the other side of the building ran right next to them. One problem I noticed was that there was a small metal arm of sorts attached to the nearer boiler and it reached out half of the width of the walkway. It had a 6" disk-like thing on the end, and there was no reason that I thought I couldn't just duck under it or slide by. Don't ask me why I thought it was stopping me, I just did.
    I pushed the arm a bit to see what it did, and when I did the lid on the closer boiler raised a little and some of the contents leaked out. It looked like some sort of soup or sauce.
    Well, I figured that my best bet was to just getthroughasquicklyaspossiblenandhopethatIdidn'tsp illanything. So I did. I did spill some on me, though less than I expected and only on my arm. As I continued to run, rounding the corner of the house, I (the curious George of a boy) licked some off to tell what it was. It tasted a lot like tomato soup, but stronger, and it had some other flavors and textures that makes me think it was probably a sauce of some sort.
    So I clearly do have taste in my dreams, I can finally say with confidence.
    Well, when I got back inside my (first) brother was in the kitchen on the phone. I sat down, exhausted,and noticed that his hair (which he like to keep shorter than about two inches) was now thin and long, falling past his ears. When he got off the phone I commented that it made him look like Don Moen. (This was actually a completely incorrect comparison. Don Moen wasn't even close to right; he looked more like Don Francisco.) He laughed at that and reached to a point on my hair (also long) and said that "it'd have to be ten inches longer that that" to be Don's hair.
    Again, that should have been Don Fransisco, not Don Moen, but it wasn't.

    {Don Francisco: http://greatgreatjoy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/forgiven.jpg}

    I woke, and I tried to make a WILD. I even successfully cleared my mind of most thoughts other than that I would wake up on the bench in the kitchen where I and my brother were and he'd tell me I was dreaming. When I did fall asleep again, however, I didn't dream before my roommate had kicked me in the rear to wake me up. It was dinner time, so it was okay, but I do wish I could have continued the dream.

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