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    by , 07-20-2011 at 12:14 AM (509 Views)
    June 20, 2011
    Unshifting first person perspective

    Lots of earlier dreams I don't remember.

    Compass directions are abbreviated and in parentheses.
    Location details:
    Some places there's snow, and some places there's grass.
    I'm standing on an asphalt road of sorts. Behind me (e), it dips down and a little south and becomes a parking lot in front of a recreation center. To the left (s), it becomes a gravel road with a chain-link fence on its right (w) side. On the other side of the fence is a field of some sort of short, green plant. Maybe alfalfa.
    In front of me (w), the road goes off into the distance. On its right (n) side is a rise, on which is a cottage. On the left (s) side is a pavilion about 20x20 and 30 feet away. Next to that is another chain-link fence running east to west with a pipeline behind it. Next to that is ANOTHER chain link fence, which meets the one running along the road to my left (s) at the corner of the field.
    The Subaru dad drove us here in (apparently) is parked by the pavilion.

    I walk over between the two east-to-west fences and notice that the snow around the pipeline is packed down hard by innumerable footprints. Not bootprints, but footprints. This startles me for a minute, yet somehow I know that the footprints come from a boyscout hike. My dad (where did he come from?) walks over to me and say "You know they" and used some term I can't recall to say that the boy scouts hiked in the snow nude to build resistance or something.
    'Whatever' I thought to myself.
    We walk/run along the north fence and around the pavilion, and when we get back on the road, it's night. Dad goes over to where he parked the car and can't find it for a minute because it's now buried under a snow drift, even though the road doesn't have a spot of snow on it. As he's brushing it off, RD, a friend from 5th grade, rushes past me, down the hill, and into the rec center. I call to her as she's running, but she can't hear me. Dad comes back over and asks if that was RD, and I confirm that. He wonders (as I do) why she is there (and I didn't do an RC), until she comes back out of the building, walking quickly. I call out to her, and this time she notices me and stops. I ask if I can come with her, and she considers it, but I wake up before she can answer.

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