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    [Non-Lucid] The Special For Today Is Live Turtle

    by , 03-24-2016 at 01:08 PM (280 Views)

    In this dream I was with an ex-friend from High School. We were on a bus, traveling around a town that resembled my home town. I had a little clear cased camera hung from my neck and I was using it to document our journey. The bus came to a stop suddenly, and I got off with my broken guitar. Apparently there was a place nearby that had a nice restaurant and a place to get my guitar repaired. For some reason everyone on the bus tried to stop me from leaving, almost begging me to stay on the bus. They tried this with my former friend too but I finally managed to convince him to come with, while recording what was taking place on my camera that was somehow now strapped to my bag and recording hands-free. He eventually did and got a terrible looking beat up guitar from someone on the bus as he got off. We walked through a courtyard and into a fancy restaurant with tables and chairs set up in rows, and took a seat. An Asian woman came up to us and asked if we were in a band, but then decided we were just reporters and left us alone. I think someone took our names and used a fake one for some reason, then someone came over to take a group photo. The lady returned and placed a snapping turtle at my feet, which bit both my big toes. I screamed and then began laughing, convinced making a scene about the turtle would get us kicked out and it was worth enduring. Haha.


    I was with the two guys I used to hang out with in the mountains west of my city, smoking weed. It was night for the majority of the dream.

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