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    Bunch O' Fragments

    by , 08-06-2012 at 06:22 PM (230 Views)
    Soooooo I'm guessing all these fragments are from different dreams, because none of them connect ;p

    I'm going on a trip with my family. Road trip i think. We're packing up and then we're off.
    I find myself in a hotel with them. Maybe different dream, not sure. And in the lobby there's a dentist. He asks me to lay down on the floor of the hotel lobby and he starts to give me stuff to brush my teeth. So then i brush him. He has a little can that sucks all the spit out because there's no sink or anything. I think later on in a different dream I find that can in my bag, while i'm unpacking it in the hotel room. I'm not sure the order of the dreams, but then i was with some girl and she got on my shoulders so I could fly her up to the Stratosphere here in vegas. I think there were sexual intentions, but I can't say for sure because i don't think they happened ;p

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