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    Very odd.

    by , 07-31-2012 at 07:19 AM (254 Views)
    I like to just sum up my dreams, or else they'd be 3 page long entries. So this is what I remember:
    Middle of desert with someone(s?)
    Went back and forth between some cave i don't remember going inside of.
    Second dream, i was in san diego (all i remember to classify the city was a boardwalk and ocean)
    i was trying to get inside of some bar late at night, i left did something, then came back and was declined access.
    Then i was at a small movie theater which i got a ticket to see a movie at. then i missed the movie because i think i was in the bathroom? with a ghost? (shooting in the dark there, very hard to remember, not scary though)
    after missing the movie i went to different, much larger movie theater, that was almost like half casino/hotel/resort.
    And while there i saw many friends, almost the entire school, from my old middle school.
    very strange. I remember some parts very vividly, but that's that. hoping for some lucids soon

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