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    1. Bored WILD Chain

      by , 09-04-2015 at 06:20 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)

      A bedroom

      It's, I don't know, 5am? I've got that wild feeling, so I assume the usual posture in bed. I wait. It's sort of like the feeling when you pick up a phone, but for whatever reason, it takes a moment for the dial tone to start. And then you dial and again, randomly, there's an unusual pause before you start to hear the ringback. Like you're waiting to connect, and you're confident it will happen, but there's just an extra beat that makes me think, Hmm, did I make a mistake? But then it starts and all is well. My body buzzes and The Dreaming picks up the other line.

      Gingerly at first, I peel my dream body away from the sleeper. I take a deep breath to stabilize. The window is to my left but the window behind me is missing. So it's no longer my bedroom. Let's get outta here. I phase through the window and hover out in the night sky. It is either a blank canvas or a bleak landscape, depending on my mood. An all black sky with just the faintest hint of light. The ground below, a featureless expanse of dirt or maybe concrete. I look back at the house I exited. It is an uninspired starter home, dotted by a few trees, but that's it. Unimpressed, I contemplate my options. Now what? I double check the sky. Nope, not even the moon is out. I scan the horizon. Maybe in the distance there is a low range of mountains. Yawn.

      Another deep breath. Maybe this one is more of a heavy sigh. Bored, I become aware of my hovering. Do I bob slightly as I hover or do I remain still? It's entirely a matter of affectation. I try holding still. That's fine. I try a gentle bob. That's kinda cool. I try a different affect, as if I am stabilized by jet thrusters. Eh, kinda cool but too much work. One of the jets slips and I lose my balance. I feel The Dreaming shudder as it starts to destabilize.

      I'm back in bed. Serves me right for vain tinkering, I scold myself. Let's go back. This time, I mean to sink through the bed but instead I slurp off the bed like a puddle of water. I think of the "genie" transition effect in Mac OSX. I rematerialize off the floor. If you're going to be difficult -- ! I chide to no one in particular.

      I see the same window but stop to contemplate the room. It's rather plain. The layout bares some resemblance to my room, but the bed is different and there's no furniture besides the bed. Who's room is this? I amuse myself with the thought that this is some kind of walk of shame. I've found myself in someone else's bed and now I must discretely slip out and return home. Again bored, I wait a beat. Let's do this properly. I command The Dreaming to restart.

      I'm back in bed yet again. This time I sink smoothly through the bed and into a familiar place I call The Field.

      The Field

      It's an open field of long but evenly manicured damp grass. Above is a slightly starry night sky with the moon looming prominently, large and full. So, the sky is mostly dark but the grass and atmosphere near the ground is rather brightly lit, like the field of a sports stadium for an evening game. But there are no light stands, buildings, or human development at all, at least not for miles around. The quality of the light is interesting. While it is like that stadium analogy, it's not that washed out white light, nor is it moonlight. It's a warm reddish orange like an early dawn. The light contrasts so perfectly with the greenness of the grass as it sparkles off the damp dew.

      When I have nothing else planned, I come here to The Field. Sometimes it's a jumping off point to elsewhere, but most often, and for this night, I just linger here and wait for the sun to rise. As it rises, light starts to fill the sky while the lighting of the grass remains unchanged. Gradually, the ambient light of dawn matches the lighting of the grass and it no longer seems surreal. And then I wake with the real sun filtering through the blinds of my window. Ahh.

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    2. Professor Obama

      by , 09-01-2015 at 04:55 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)

      A lecture hall

      Seated at about the middle of the hall, I first notice all the seats before me are empty. I intuit there must be some students behind me, else this is a rather poorly attended lecture. Right? Maybe. I don't bother to turn to look. At the front, President Obama leads the class. He wears black pants and a white dress shirt with no tie. He talks and I hear words but I am not listening. I am just watching him, more interested in how he moves. How he maneuvers. Starting from the center, he glides to the left a few paces with his long, casual stride. This first move is inconspicuous. One expects the teacher to wander a bit, to engage the whole room and to reach either end of the chalkboard. But then he takes another step to the left. More talk. And then another move to the left.

      Now, I take notice that this is odd. He keeps going left. And now he is also gesturing left with the chalk in his hand, emphasizing and exaggerating his movement. He has gone too far. He's at the edge of the blackboard. Or is it a whiteboard? For a moment I unfocus the professor and squint at the board. It's a blackboard, but it's one of those green ones. But enough about the board, I look back at Obama. He is still going left. Another step and he will be out the door that flanks the room. He can't go any further, yet still he is leaning, ready to move once more. Time stops. This can't be real. Him, down there in front, frozen midstep, his leg halfway through the doorway. Me, alone in the center, agaze in disbelief.

      At last, my observations become a conscious thought: Why is he going left? My confusion progresses to speculation and eventually to amusement. I can only guess that he is compelled to go left. Or he is being dragged left by an invisible hand. Or the whole world is tipping left and he is merely obeying gravity, but I am oblivious to the imbalance. I cannot know. I can only stare with delighted puzzlement.

      Now, another thought enters my mind: That's my left, but his right. He must think he's going right, but not so from my point of view or anyone else's in the room. Is there anyone else in the room? Now I want to turn to look but the world has already frozen and I am too late to move. I can only linger on that paradox that his right is my left, and so my right must be his left, but which left is The Left? It's all because of the different points of view. He and I are victims of geometry. It all seems relative to me, conveniently. But maybe there is an absolute. Sigh, I'm ruminating. My final take is that it's like he is on stage, so his orientation is backwards. Or ours is. Which one is "stage" left? From the perspective of the actors or the audience? I struggle to recall which. It seems as if knowing that bit of trivia in this moment would bring some closure or payoff to this scene. But alas, I cannot remember. Oh well. The urge to laugh is too strong to resist and I can't hold the moment still any longer.

      This was not meant to be a political satire. What amused me so much, both in the dream and afterward, was that it could be mistaken for one.
    3. Procedural Note: Posterity

      by , 09-01-2015 at 02:43 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      It has been years since my last online entry. I am trying to recall if there was a particular reason why I stopped, but I don't think I can. Judging by the date, it was around the time I moved house, after which I fell into a different daily routine and the habit of transcribing my dream journal to the online version was lost along the way.

      Now, I intend to resume creating new entries. They will be less rigorous than before. Or, of a different rigor. Instead of a tool for lucidity, my purpose will be a writing exercise and pastime. For posterity, I here retain the old formatting key:

      non-dream / dream / lucid
      pre-lucid, dreamsign, false awakening / visualization, daydream, hallucination
    4. Flying, Walrus Creature WILD with Waking Body Complications

      by , 02-20-2013 at 02:45 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Auditory hallucinations draw me into this WILD.

      I hear voices to my right. It sounds like my old roommate Hugh. There's another unfamiliar voice. I guess that Hugh is giving this other man a job interview, something about accounting. Then I hear voices to my left. I conjure the feeling that I am in my bedroom in the Daisetta house. The voices outside are talking about... Led Zepplin? I dunno. I focus on the voices and they draw me into the dream.

      Bam! I'm outside in a bright and vivid summer day. I'm in a suburban backyard. The grass is a brilliant shade of green beneath my feet. The house is somewhat like Daisetta. Around the yard are trees and power lines. There are three people around me. I intuit they were the voices outside. They are two boys and a girl. They look high school age and are dressed in gym clothes with blue shirts and white cotton shorts. I look down and see I am wearing the same thing. They are looking at me like I'm their teacher. But I'm not really interested in them. I had a plan in mind but this environment doesn't suit it. So I decide to just have some fun.

      I look up. Time to fly. I now become aware of a few flying objects. They look like flying cars. I jump and zoom up to the nearest one. It seems to be an unmanned drone, about the size of large trash can. It has a Star Wars Tatooine look to it; futuristic but at the same time rusted and worn. I grab it and spin and throw it up toward another drone and the two crash and fall. Ha!

      Then I am distracted by an unpleasant feeling in my throat, like a dry heave. I snap back to my waking body. At least I think this portion was waking, but I might have been still dreaming. I feel the urge to cough. I swallow and move my neck slightly and I feel okay. I DEILD back into the dream.

      I fly up higher and look down to get a sense of the landscape. I'm hovering over a wide dry riverbed that is overgrown with moss and small bushes. On either side of the riverbed there's suburban homes. This reminds me of the creek behind the Redmond house. Down in the riverbed I see a large creature. About the size of a walrus but more like a beached whale in appearance. It is very blubberly. I zoom down and try to lift it. It is heavy but I manage to get it over my head. I throw it up into the air and hovers for a bit, then slowly and gently falls back to the ground. I then take a closer look, trying to figure out what exactly this creature is.

      I snap back to my waking body again. I'm either still dreaming or in some deep hypnopompic state. I hear voices to my right, as I had in the earlier hypnogogia. It's Hugh again. I intuit that he is talking on the phone to his boss about the job interview candidate. He says, "He had the three wisdoms but didn't know his mathematical formulas. That's just memorization though. He's a bright candidate." I'm listening to this while remaining still, hoping to DEILD again. He ends the phone call and I hear footsteps toward my bedroom room, which is to the right, like my current apartment. I hear the door open and Hugh says "Are you there?" I feel the weight on my bed shift and a foot near my head. I think, maybe Hugh has something urgent so I should wake up.

      I snap out of hypnopompia and realize I don't live with a roommate anymore. D'oh.
    5. The Night Warrior Needs The Morning Off

      by , 02-20-2013 at 02:08 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Some day residue from ordering a package during the day and also the ever-present media barrage about terrorism.

      I'm walking through a dry, hilly region that makes me think of Afghanistan. But apparently I am in Kentucky. I am being led by a Persian-looking man with a thick accent. We are walking along a trail, dressed as guerrilla fighters with assault rifles and well-supplied backpacks. It's daytime and it's mostly clear with a few patches of clouds. My guide points up at the sky. There's a plane in the distance. He's speaking some kind of rhetoric that glorifies his cause. Something like:

      "While the rich and wealthy look down on us from their planes, we, the night warriors, fight on the ground. They use their planes to transport goods and they think they are secure. They think they have sophisticated logistics. But we know all about their systems. We infiltrate their corporations and subvert their delivery systems. They think all the worldly goods belong to them, but really they belong to us."

      Somehow I know that the plane is a UPS freight plane and we are near their main processing hub in Kentucky. We watch as the plane flies low over a clearing and starts dropping crates to the ground without landing, cargo-cult-style. As each crate lands, workers scramble to it and begin to break it down and process the packages. I think this system must be very well coordinated so that no one gets crushed from a falling crate. I also wonder if they can do this for fragile packages. Maybe they have a separate system for that.

      We double back on the trail and move away from the UPS facility. My guide continues on with his rhetoric:

      "They think that we will wither and starve out here in the badlands. But we have enough food for many days..."

      False awakening. I'm still in the same dream. Apparently we made camp for the night and I'm just now waking up. My guide nudges me with his boot to wake me up. I am reluctant. He says:

      "We call ourselves the night warriors but we never sleep. We fight day and night."

      I joke: "If I'm going to be a night warrior, I'm going to need the mornings off."
      Tags: airplane, outdoor
    6. Overly Complicated Building and Flash Mob

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:56 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I live in an unfamiliar apartment building. The hallways and elevators are very complicated. It's easy to get lost and disoriented. I'm riding the elevator, which is a huge freight elevator. Everything seems to be made of industrial cast iron, painted a gaudy pale blue. On the elevator are two young women, Asian, about my age. They are chatting with each other about nothing in particular. When we reach the bottom, there's an Asian man who is delivering furniture. One of the girls asks the delivery man when her oven will arrive. She seems upset because it's late. The man says today is Monday and it won't arrive until Wednesday. The problem is that the building is complicated and it slows down deliveries. I don't interact. I'm just observing.

      I leave this scene and walk to a different part of the building, getting lost. I walk up a staircase. I pass by a guy. Blond hair and athletic with a backpack. He says hello and says we should get a beer another time. Okay, nice guy. I wonder through the hallways, trying to find my apartment.

      I finally find my apartment. Anne is my roommate. She is very pregnant. She is wearing a black dress. Very sharp yet still appropriate for a pregnant woman. Just outside our apartment, there is a hipster-looking guy with a beard. He gets the attention of several tenants around him. He announces that he posted a bunch of photos on facebook of our building so that people will become more familiar with it and not be confused. This seems to please the crowd, which has somehow filled the hallways to standing-room-only.

      The hallway is open to the outside and we can see across the street, there is a sports field. A small one, like a high school football field with a few grandstands. The mob in the apartment hallway becomes rowdy and we start doing things people do in the stands of a stadium. We do the wave, stomp the ground, chant, sing songs, and use noisemakers. It's fun for a while but I'm tiring of it. I just want to get to my apartment and find some quiet. I'm also concerned about Anne. I hope she's okay in this mob of people.
    7. Stairs and Awkward Conversation

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:39 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm walking up the stairs of a tall building. It's a shaky metal staircase, like a fire escape. When I reach the top, the character Frank Costanza (from Seinfeld) is running around the room collecting flares. And then he's fighting with another guy. I help him. Then he and I start walking back down the stairs.

      Then suddenly it's my mother instead (groan). She asks me if I am divorced. I say I was never married. She warns me not to join a gang. I say I'm too old to even consider that. I'm annoyed that she would even think to ask these things. Then she says she's pregnant. I'm initially shocked but try not to reveal it. Horrified, really. I do my best to act congratulatory without judging.
    8. Jason

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:31 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm with Jason, a childhood friend, but we are adults. We start at the SAV house. My recall is poor. I recall going shopping and changing clothes many times. Then I am driving Jason home. As we arrive, we says he wants to got to K-mart first. I say I know where one is but it's far out of the way. And why would we go there anyway? I'm annoyed. He really wants to go so I take him. I change clothes again but I have nothing clean to wear so I reuse a shirt I wore earlier. It is a button-up shirt, blue with black and dark blue vertical stripes. Jason snarkily points out that I'm wearing a dirty shirt. I'm annoyed.
    9. Work Criticism

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:25 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm in a room full of my coworkers. Everyone is in formal business dress. It seems we are on retreat. I wander in and around this building. There are tourists. This part of the dream is hazy. I think I walked back and forth through a hallways looking for a particular room.

      I walk up a staircase and rejoin my coworkers. Everyone sits. The boss stands at front and begins to give us an inspirational talk. But it quickly turns to frustration and desperation. He says he's tired of hearing criticism from the board about all of us. He distributes a handout of several pages stapled. The top page is a deep red. The rest are white. The pages have emails from the board about us. The very first one is about me. It says I'm unproductive and waste time and cost too much to pay.

      I am annoyed but I realize that the emails are just personal attacks and not really constructive. I think this is the point the boss was trying to make. That the board don't know what they are talking about, just trying to cover their own by attacking us personally. He says we're going to have a fresh start tomorrow. He dismisses everyone. Everyone else heads to the door, making conversation. Instead, I reach for my laptop out of my bag. I find a quiet room and plug it in. I want to start working right away.
    10. Apartment Exchange

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:11 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I have some trouble as I'm moving into my new apartment. It seems the previous tenant left some of her items and she has some of mine. My landlord tracks down where she moved to and arranges for me to go there and exchange the items.

      Flash forward a few days. I arrive at the other building at night. It is an imposing building of solid concrete, no windows, and few lights around the exterior. I find a security guard. I tell him I am a guest and have arranged to meet one of the tenants. He gives me a brown blanket and says "It's a belt." I drape the blanket around me. Apparently, I need to wear this to get through the security sensors. The guard leads me inside the building. Inside it's very nice like a luxurious modern hotel. Everything is marble and glass and steel. A cool ocean blue is the dominant color, like I'm in an aquarium. The guard leads me to the landlord of the building.

      The landlord is an older women who is impeccably dressing and sophisticated. She greets me warming and leads me to the elevator. We ride to the top floor. There's a formal party going on in the penthouse. The landlord explains she has to make a speech and I can wait at the party. I feel a bit awkward at the party where I don't know anyone. The landlord begins her speech and the crowd gathers around her. I move to the edge of the room where a few shy people are sitting away from the crowd. I sit down a take out my phone. It is the new Blackberry. This intrigues the man sitting a bit to my right. I explain that I have two phones and the store gave me the new Blackberry because of some problem with the warranty of my other phone. A few other curious people gather around me as I talk about my new phone.

      I recall that I'm here to met the apartment tenant and shouldn't be distracted. I find the landlord after her speech. She is about to give a tour of the building to some of the party guests. She tells me to follow along and she will help me after. I follow the tour group by fall behind. I find myself in line to what appears to be a museum. I circle through this line two or three times. When I get to the front, I have my credit card ready to pay. But the attendant tells me it's free and always will be free. He seems offended that I would think to pay. The next time through the line, I enter a room and sneak through a vent into an "employee's only" room. A man frowns at me and tells me this the dining room and bathroom for the workers and not for guests.

      Once again I realize I'm distracted and find the landlord. She leads me to what I suppose is the mail room. There are a few people here. The landlord introduces me to the tenant I was looking for. She is a young woman, taller than me, and strikingly beautiful. She has light brown hair and a bright friendly face. I suppose she looks like that new British princess whats-her-name. She's friendly and opens with some playful banter like, "I'm the one with your book and you're the one with my mirror!" She leads me to a security checkpoint and asks the security guard to issue a passcard to get through "for the next cycle." She then starts back, leaving me to go alone to her apartment to exchange the items. I ask her to wait, I should give her my phone number in case anything's wrong. She gives me a scrap of paper and a pen. I start to write my phone number but get it wrong. I scratch that out and start again. This time it's correct but so sloppy that it's illegible. Why is my handwriting so sloppy? Dream fades.
    11. Strange Air Conditioner and Family Junk

      by , 02-19-2013 at 11:40 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm getting a little annoyed with my mother and sister appearing in my dreams lately. They are boring and annoying.

      I'm in an unfamiliar bedroom. I see a strange machine in the room. I intuit that it was installed over night as I slept. The machine is mounted on the wall at eye level. It looks like an X-ray machine in a doctor's office. It has an arm that extends out in any direction. At the end of the arm is something that looks like a camera, but it blows out air. I examine the controls and figure out that it's a heater/air conditioner. I turn it on and learn that it has a motion sensor. It detects me and the arm extends and follows me around the room, blowing cold air on me to cool me down. I think this is quite ingenious except that the air follows too close for comfort. Like a person staring too close.

      Then I notice that the machine is mounted on a chest of drawers. The chests seems damaged under the weight of the machine and the mounting is blocking the drawers from opening. The furniture is painted white with bright red drawers and round metal handles. I remark that the workmen must have been sloppy to install the machine where it is blocking the drawers. I move the machine off so that I can open the drawers.

      Inside the drawers I find a bunch of old stuff; bools, journals, and trinkets. I suppose it belongs to the family but I don't recognized any of it. I sift through it, reading some of the journals. Then my mother and sister enter (groan). They start going through the stuff as well. The sunlight is brighter now. I see a hot dog covered with mayonaise. I think to take it to the kitchen to add ketchup and mustard, but I'm hungry so I just chow down on it right there. My sister and I exchange some passive-aggressive banter per usual. She calls herself a "life-ist." I call her judgemental.

      Now it seems it's getting dark. My mother and sister leave. I find on the other side of this bedroom a door to the front porch. It looks like the door of a convenience store. All glass and a wide bar handle that you push to open. Since it's getting dark, I look for the lock to secure the house for the night. There's a odd metal basket near the door lock. I intuit that it is to hold keys and change. Then a see a man just outside the door. He runs to the door and starts banging and screaming. I'm startled and wake up.
    12. Mall, Cheat, Work, Home, Fire

      by , 02-17-2013 at 01:47 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm not sure if this was one dream or two. I recalled them together and they had a connected plot. I was really mad at the end. Like really, really mad! The emotion lingered for a while after waking up. I rarely feel anger, so on the occasion that I do, it's almost a welcome experience.

      Mall Shops, Cheats
      I'm in a competition with Lance. We are owners of small shops in a shopping mall. The competition is to own more shops than the other. Apparently, it's just a computer program because I easily find how to cheat by editing my character data. I give myself all the max stats and money. Lance and I both use this cheat. We quickly realize that this ruins the fun of it. So agree to not cheat. Lance buys a bar that sits in the middle of the mall and gets a lot of foot traffic.

      I write a program to make money off the bar for Lance. I am reluctant because I know the game is so easy to cheat that someone will use my program to steal money. But I do it anyway. I finish and decide to have a few drinks.

      Work From Home, Fire
      I have a false awakening. I still feel tipsy from the drinks of the previous dream. I must not have slept very long. I am in an apartment but it's nothing like my waking life. I look at a clock: 12:56 in the afternoon. I check my laptop. There's an urgent IM from work from just a few minutes ago. The producer wants me to shut down the bar program that I wrote in the previous dream. As I expected, someone is exploiting it to steal money.

      I'm glad I woke up just in time. I know what to do, I just need to change a few lines of code and upload it to the server. But now I become aware of two other people in my apartment. One is Garrett (an ex-coworker that I didn't like). The other is a young woman who I don't recognize but seems familiar. I intuit that she is my roommate so she has a right to be here and Garrett is her guest. It occurred to me that maybe it was my sister, but the girl was definitely blonde. Anyway, they are chit chatting about nothing in particular in the kitchen. I need to work so I'm annoyed that they are disturbing me.

      I carry my laptop to the kitchen and place it on the stove top. I forgot the power cable. I fetch the power cable from and plug the laptop into a power socket that is oddly on the edge of the counter near the stove. I forgot the network cable. I search the apartment for it. As I search, Garrett and the girl and collecting their coats to leave. I am silently relieved that I will have some peace to work.

      Still searching in another room, I overhear them conversing. It turns out they decided not to leave. Instead they have the sudden urge to have sex. My reaction is "ugh, great...." It is a surprise because I intuited that the girl wasn't attracted to Garrett. Still, my reaction is mostly one of indifference and mild annoyance.

      They are having sex on the floor next to a closet with sliding doors. I see the network cable on the floor in the closet. I careful step around them, trying not to touch them. I say something sarcastic like "don't mind me and don't let me interrupt your garden-variety sex while I get this wire." Garrett becomes enraged by what I said, especially the words "garden-variety." He gives the girl a few final thrusts and finishes. Then he stands up and confronts me. I ignore him and take the cable to the kitchen.

      Garrett follows me and continues to yell and spew. I plug the cable into the laptop on one end and into the freezer on the other. I realize in the moment that this is strange but not enough to become lucid. Garrett throws something heavy at me. I dodge the projectile and it hits the stove top. Garrett storms off and out the door. Good riddance.

      I turn to look at the stove and see that the gas knobs are damaged. A small flame is lit from each of them. I think if I can just turn them off then I can safely shut of the gas and get it repaired. I reach with my hand but quickly pull it back; too hot. I find a broom handle and reach with it to tap the knobs. The flame only grows. It's clear to me that the damage is increasing and will soon become disaster. I see on the wall above the stove the two master gas line valves. They aren't on fire yet. I try to reach them with the broom stick but I can get the leverage to rotate the valve with just a stick.

      I start to panic. I can't stop this. The whole apartment is going to catch fire. I think of my roommate and worry for her safety. I intuit that her name is Laura or Lauren. I call for her to see if she is still in the apartment. I need to get everyone out before the fire gets worse. The glow from the gas flames gets brighter and brighter. I need to call the fire department. Wait, I think, I might have a fire extinguisher. Let me try that as one last chance to avert disaster. I scramble around the kitchen, searching the cabinets for the fire extinguisher. The metal of the stove now is glowing red hot. It looks ready to explode. By now, I feel more anger than panic. This is all Garrett's fault! I decide I should just run to get the heck out of there. Wake
    13. Scary Lucid and Others

      by , 02-06-2013 at 04:43 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Mother and Sister Arguing
      I'm in the Daisetta house. Mother and sister are arguing (as usual) in the kitchen. My mother calls my sister "stupid" and my sister is very sad and upset. For once, I defend my sister and call my mother stupid. I want to make her feel the same way my sister does so that see can feel empathy.

      I have three kids, a boy of about 10, a girl, and a younger boy. They are playing around the house. I keep calling the oldest boy "Superman" but then I don't know what to call the younger boy. I think "Little Superman" or "Superman's Sidekick" but he doesn't want to be called little. Also in the house is Lance. It seems we're acting out a shooting game. He is sneaking around the house trying to reach the living room. I shoot him to defend.

      Short Scary Lucid
      I'm laying on a couch. I'm looking at myself in a mirror. But I know I'm wearing a sleep mask so I must be dreaming. I stand up and stablize. The room is mostly dark. In front of me is a window and behind me is the kitchen, somewhat like my real house. I walk into the kitchen and begin to recall a goal. I start to visualize a new scene. But I hear a creepy whispering voice that sounds like my sister. She says "Look what we found..." I fall through the floor to the level below. I'm not in a big empty room. Ahead I see a spotlight shining on one point of the floor that is covered with blood. I'm pulled toward the scene through the air. Slightly behind the spot light I can make out bloody bodies hanging from hooks on the sleep. I wake myself up.

      It's after the Super Bowl and I go to Macy's alone. The streets and the store are almost deserted, just a few people. I'm looking for some novelty to decorate my living room but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. As I enter, there's a salesman holding a deck of playing cards that light up. I think it's some kind of cheap magic trick. I ignore him and wander around the store, looking for something by nothing in particular if you know what I mean. I think I take a magazine. I've made a full loop around the store and didn't find anything. I see a different saleswomen now with the lit playing cards. She approaches me. She has blonde hair. She asks for my ZIP code and email address. I dodge the conversation, asking what the playing cards are. She pushes to get my ZIP code. I walk away. She walks to a nearby register and commiserates with another salesperson that she's not having any success selling the cards and she's frustrated. I haven't found anything so I intend to leave.
    14. Fragments

      by , 02-05-2013 at 03:24 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I'm dreaming a lot lately but I'm not writing them down so much. Today just some fragments:

      a wedding

      Melissa from elementary school
      dream fragment
    15. Camp Dorm, A Multi-Part Lucid Adventure

      by , 02-02-2013 at 04:21 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Notes: This night was the first using a voice recorder for my journal. It may take a while to get used to and I might change up my DJ format to accommodate.

      Shenanigans in a Park
      I'm across the street from a park. It's a big grassy area with a few trees. I'm looking at 2 parallel parked cars. I third card drives up. I recognize the driver as Brian, a classmate from high school who I don't like very much. I recognized one of the parked cards as belonging to my old roommate Hugh. Hugh's car is a sliver luxury SUV, maybe a Lexus. Brian's car is one of those tiny smart cars, maybe orange? Brian parallel parks his car in the tiny spot between the two cars already there. Even though he can fit, he unnecessarily back into Hugh's SUV to push it back and make more room. This annoys me.

      Brian exits his car. I cross the street. Brian, Hugh, and I start to play a round of golf. The dream skips to after finishing playing and we are returning to our cars. Brian gets in his car and again unnecessarily backs into the car behind him to make room. This time I think it's comical in a crass way. Before speeding off, Brian stops and shouts to me "Are you sure you're okay?" I am annoyed by the question. I reply "I'm like a bomb. Like a bob-omb."

      Nearby, there is a white plastic lawn chair. I run and jump on it, make it slide like surfboard across the grass. I ride it toward the park entrance, disrupting several games of golf as I pass through. Before reaching the entrance, I jump off and leave the chair. I say something about not wanting to be accused of stealing it.

      Camp Dorm, Part 1
      I'm entering a dormitory, walking down a hallways, looking for the room assigned to me. It is either a college or a summer camp for college-aged people. I find my room and start setting up a big screen TV so I can watch the Super Bowl. Then the dream jumps around a bit. I recall meeting a man, maybe the dean of the school or maybe someone impersonating the dean as part of a con. I see him in his office. He falls the ground and starts doing pushups to hide his face from the visitor and speaks in a fake voice.

      False awakening. I feel a cat sleeping on my stomach. It's very furry. I'm sleeping on the floor and feel stiff. I awake to the sound of a woman's voice. I don't open my eyes. She seems to be a police officer or security guard. She is nudging me with her foot to wake me and talking on her radio about determining when I got a cat. Apparently, pets are not allowed in the dorm. Wake.

      Camp Dorm, Part 2 [WILD]
      After recording the previous dream, I attempt WILD. It take maybe 5 minutes?

      I enter the dream in a dorm room similar to the one from the previous dream. This time it feels more like a log cabin at a summer camp. It's somewhat dark in the room but I can tell it is lighter outside through a big window. In the room is boy about 10 years old. He looks like me at that age. Very skinny and with a bowl hair cut. I ask his name but don't recall his answer. I ask if he knows how to fly. He both phase through the window and fly into the open air.

      Outside it is dawn and getting brighter. Besides the cabin we just exited, it's all grass for seemingly miles around. I fly around with the boy for a while. I spot a young woman below us. I fly down to meet her. She has elf ears and is a bit chubby. I ask if she can fly. She says everyone can fly. I fly with her too. We fly up high to get a good view of the surroundings, looking for more people.

      Looking north, I see a few more chubby elf girls. They are practicing archery. I land near them and approach. They are just finishing their activity and saying good bye. But they actually say: "Fuck you!" and "Fuck you, too!" but in a pleasant and cheerful way, as if "Fuck you" is a polite way to say good bye. I ask one of them, "What does 'fuck you' mean?" I realize am in a strange world of chubby elf girls and they must have different language dialect. She replies with "I'll show you" and starts leading me west. I intuit that she is taking me to bed.

      We fly for a while. Eventually we come on a wooden shelter with some beds. It looks like a campground. The shelter is only a frame with some wooden slats to provide shade, not a building. On one of the beds, there are two guys, with elf ears but skinny. I become skeptical of what the girl intents.
      Dream fades.

      Camp Dorm, Part 3 [DILD]
      I have a false awakening in an unfamiliar room. My laptop is open and there's a conference call to work that I should be listening too. I try to pay attention to the meeting. The door is open. Outside is a dark hallway. I can make out a few beds in the hallway. There's a girl in one bed and a guy in another and a row of other bed that I assume also have people. It looks like the summer camp dormitory from previous dreams. I try to close the door so that the sound of the meeting won't disturb the sleepers. But the door doesn't close right. The door is too narrow and doesn't fit in the frame. I try to move the knob toward the frame and it breaks off and slams into the frame loudly. I've obviously woken some of the people. The girl gives me an angry look. The faulty door makes me realized I am dreaming. My lucidity is not very strong.

      I turn back to the meeting call. My boss is explaining that it will take a long time to download the file because the project is very big. I know the reason is not that the project is big but that it includes a lot of sample data. I try to explain this.

      I give up on the meeting and move to the window to fly outside. But the window gives me some trouble.

      Video Game
      I am a character in a what seems like a FPS video game. I'm in a dimly lit rocky canyon. I seem that I have spawned near the enemy base. I take the long way around a rock formation to the back of the base, shooting a few guys in the process. I near the base and intuit that my objective is to capture what looks like a stone altar by standing on it. As I approach, a lightning storm starts. A bone dragon swoops in and lands on the altar. I intuit that the rules of the game prevent you from capturing the altar while the dragon is there so I have to back away. Someone yells "Dragon eggs!"

      Camp Dorm, Part 4 [DILD]
      I am suddenly in a classroom full of students and a teacher. I am in one corner of the room and have difficulty seeing the teacher at the chalkboard. I move around the back edge of the classroom to the opposite corner to get a better view and sit behind a girl. The students are college age. I intuit that all the other students know each other but I am an outsider.

      The class ends and the students socialize as their pack their things to leave. I cautiously talk to the girl in front of me. A big group of them want to hang out outside. I just want to return to my room and organize my study materials. I realize the similarity to the previous dreams and become lucid.

      As usually, I find the nearest window and fly out to explore the landscape. Now the campground seems like a futuristic city. There are giant water tubes encased in glass that act like freeways. I phase in and out the through the glass, water, and air. It's fun to breath under water. There are giant sea turtles and friendly sharks.

      I fly high to see what's above the tubes. Above the tubes are concrete slabs and I get stuck in one of them. I turn to look up and see Optimus Prime. I grab his hand and he helps me out. He suggests I interact with the people.

      Supported above the concrete slabs is a whole other level that appears like a giant park. This time more typical air, stone, pathways, grassy patches, and pools of water. There are people walking and sitting. Most of them are the same chubby elf girls from the earlier dreams.

      I approach a group of three girls wearing bathing suits, relaxing in a spa pool. I flirt with them.

      Camp Dorm, Part 5 [WILD]
      I recorded the previous dream and then easily re-enter with WILD.

      I'm back in the camp dorm and looking to interact with the DCs. I walk into a patio where many tables have been set up like an art fair. There are many presenters but I seem to be one of the few visitors so all the presenters are trying to attract me to their table.

      Here my lucidity and recall start to diminish. I recall one girl had a table full of different name tags. They all had her name on it, which was a long Indian name, but from different professions like you would see on the uniform of a doctor, a mechanic, and soldier, and police officer. I think this is very interesting. She asks me to pick one, in a sense, to choose a career for her by picking which nametag suited her best. I shift through them all and pick a coffee cup with her name on it. The coffee cup is shaped like a golf club, suggesting a career as a professional golfer.

      There was another girl who I think was trying to choose a color for her dress. And another had two post it notes with the same message but in different ink and style.
      At some point dream fades.

      On exiting the dream, I'm left in some hypnopompic imagery. I see through my sleep mask a television playing what looks like a sitcom. Three characters are in a house when there's a knock at the front door. The three of them quickly hide in a closet. Then from the closet, a four character steps out. He looks like Louis CK. The laugh track plays but I don't get the joke.

      I wait through the imagery for a while, hoping I can DEILD back into a lucid dream. After a minute or so I give up, thinking I've dreamed enough and my body doesn't want to sleep anymore tonight.
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