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    One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy


    by , 03-15-2016 at 11:14 AM (417 Views)
    I had a short dream that inspired me to write something different. In the dream, I'm in bed, I see my father and he shouts "Stop dreaming!" I immediately wake up.

    I reflected on that a while, trying to work through the dissonance. It came out like this. I suppose it's a sort of poem. I want to call it satire.


    Y'know, tobacco used to be good for you. George Washington was a tobacco farmer and owned slaves. He was good, wasn't he? Colonialism used to be good. Coca-Cola was good for you too. But Socialism was bad. I remember those days, back when the rebels in Afghanistan were good.

    Jazz was bad. And then rock-and-roll was bad. And then hip-hop was bad. Now it's all good and you can listen to it on your cell phone. Remember when people wanted their cell phones to be smaller instead of larger? It wasn't so long ago that eating fat was bad. Being skinny has been good and bad. I'm not sure which it is lately; you have to keep buying the magazines to know.

    Did you know that, of all things, crossword puzzles used to be bad? Then comic books where bad, until they started turning them into TV shows, movies, and video games. Now they're good. But does anyone read the comic books, or do they just like the movies? They certainly make more money that way.

    I remember when the Internet was bad. It seems that it's good now, except for the bad parts. I'm not really sure what it is. All I know is that it's a monthly bill I pay. But they're trying to make it free, so maybe it will go back to being bad.

    At least God is good all the time. Though that sentiment is less and less popular. Religion isn't such a good business these days.

    I don't know if I trust God, but I trust Lenny Bruce and I recall him saying that there is good and bad. Lenny was most certainly bad and that's what made him good.
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