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    About My Dreams

    My interesting dreams tend to be funny or frustrating. I have come to find humor in the frustration, so I suppose it's always funny to me. Less often, my dreams are either profound or sexy. Each of those themes is enjoyable in their own way. My dreams are rarely violent or frightening, but those arise from time to time. My less interesting dreams are lonely and boring, often exploring an empty landscape or building.

    My technique has varied throughout my experience as a lucid dreamer. I started with MILD and soon mixed in WILD. For a few years, I had a very diligent and fruitful period of using MILD, often 5+ dreams and 1-2 lucids per night, with an occasional WILD. DEILD-chaining was also a hallmark of that period, and continues to be a reliable supporting technique. But so many wakenings per night started to degrade the quality of my sleep, so I scaled back the DILD practices and shifted to more WILD. Now I am content with 1-2 dreams per night. I have some spontaneous DILDs, about 1 ever other week. I mostly rely on WILD to have 2-3 lucids per week when the opportunity presents. Sometimes I am inspired to take up MILD again and that increases my DILDs, but only for limited stretches when I can spare the time and effort.

    The Dreaming
    The Dreaming is the environment of my dreams and my imagined continuity of them all. I try not to define it too precisely. It is an amalgam of unconscious, wisdom, randomness, play, and persistence.

    The Anthology
    The Anthology is my imagined collection of dreams. It is somewhat like a framed story, like 1001 Arabian Nights. The framing element is my waking reality while each dream is a short story within the anthology. My hope is that each dream contributes something to the collection, as a short story would. That contribution may be a revelation, a moral, a poignant commentary, a joke, or just an interesting narrative. Moreover, I hope to find thematic and meaningful connections between stories.

    The Dreamer
    The Dreamer is myself within The Dreaming, as separate from the sleeper, who is my physical body. As The Dreamer, sometimes I am an everyman, exploring the environment with limited power. Sometimes I am more prone to mischief and use my power to that end. And sometimes I am all-powerful.

    The Players
    The Players are the troupe of actors who I imagine to play the roles of all the DCs in my dreams. Among them are a few notable recurring personalities. The rest are a nameless band of thespians. But always there is a duality of dream character and dream actor. The notable Players are:

    Arlo: (Arlecchino or Harlequin). Leader of The Players. Dressed in motley. Reasonable and even-tempered, skilled in both comedy and tragedy alike.
    Paggy: (Pagliaccio) The sad clown. The archetype of pathos.
    Lear: Elder statesmen and authority on tragedy.
    Ros and Guil: (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) Two cheerfully absurd players. Comedians.
    Didi and Gogo: (Vladimir and Estragon) Two not-so-cheerfully absurd players. Tragedians.
    The Fat Lady: Embodiment of female roles, not attractive.
    The Goddess: Embodiment of femininity.