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    02-23-12 Very Long Hawaii WILD- worth the long read.

    by , 02-24-2012 at 09:38 PM (913 Views)
    LD9: This one was weird, I am typing it just as I get up, because there is somuch that happened I don't want to forget any of it. I had 6 hours sleep and waited for my wife to go to work, then I began attempting a WILD. I must have laid there for an hour breathing rythmicly before I got into sleep paralysis. I was not very comfortable, a little restless after lying still so long. Now I couldn't move, and my face itched a little. I had to try very hard to not give up. I saw the standard color swirls and felt all tingley. I started to try to form a lucid dream of me on a hotel pool patio in Hawaii.
    After maybe 20 minutes, I started to be able to visualize things. I am a bit frustrated at this point. Everything is blurry and almost in black and white. I look at my hands, but they are blob like sticks of white on a black background. It took about 20 more minutes to get to where I could see fingers and feel somewhat of a solid dream body. Boy, I am having to work for this one!!!
    Ok, I am finally in a WILD LD but not very pleased with the lack of detail. I decide to just start having some fun even if the resolution and color suck. I picture the place I went on vacation. The Royal Kona Resort. I am by the pool standing on a low wall. I try to bring more detail into the scene, I should be able to see the ocean, but it is just black beyond the immediate area. I move my arms around and tried to stablize more. I was not happy about the low resolution. The real pool area has flagstone floors, this floor looks flat and vague. I get off the wall and try to correct this. I run my fingers over it and picture flagstone. No luck. Oh well, the color and resolution are slightly improving, maybe it will get better.
    I have set a 2 new dreaam goals for this month, so why not try one? My goal was to not only look at my hands, but be fully aware of articulated joints at my elbows and knees at the same time. I want to squat and place my elbows on my knees while looking at my hands, and be able to feel and visualize them all. I won't bore everyone with the details, but this ended up being very complicated. I had to focus on each joint, just like you would on hands, then somehow do the whole thing all at once. I actually managed to get the whole thing to come together and work, but it took me about five minutes.
    That accomplished I look around beyond the pool area. Some improvement. I now can see the ocean and sky, but still poor resolution. I can also see the tall hotel buildings and palm trees. Opps, I almost lost all the stablizing I just took 5 minutes accomplishing. I jump around, moving those elbows and knees I worked so hard for.
    I try to jump to the top of the northern building because it is maybe 6 stories and that would be quite a jump. It take two tries. I look down from up there and can still see the area below, but in much poorer resolution. What is up with this lack of color and detail? I realise I seem to still be part awake. I know what day it is, and where I am sleeping and can fall right back out of this dream if I am not careful. Ok, so I decide to just be happy and have a ball in low resolution. I jump back down to the pool. There does not seem to be any random dream elements or DCs at all! I quess this is because my unusually high mental presence.
    I decide to wade into the ocean. It is not the lovely blue green detailed ocean I want; it is more a gray mass that undulates up and down. Oh well. I work my way down the vague rocks into that gray mass. Hey, not bad, it feels maybe 20% like water should, a slight temp varient from the air and gives me buoyancy. I float out a ways and it is fun. The low resolution waves are still picking me up and then dropping me down. I dive under. Pretty cool. It is easy to swim down about twenty feet and look back up at the surface. I swim back up, and walk back to the pool area.
    Still not a random event or DC has appeared. I decide to try my second dream goal, which is to vividly smell something. I know where a luau girl would be standing during a luau. So maybe if I picture her having perfume or a flower in her hair? Yep, there she is, but she is not acting like a DC, she is just scenery. I try to smell her perfume but fail. I stick my nose right in her flower, but fail to smell it. Hmmm, well, being male I decide I could play with the pretty luau girl for a minute. I remove her body wrap and touch her. Things are still in low resolution. She feels soft and nice, but only about 35% real. I get bored quickly of this because she does not move or react unless I move her or put energy into causing her to act a certain way. Oh well.
    I go back to the pool area and am feeling just a little bored, if you can picture being bored in LD. Maybe I should try shape shifting. I take about 30 miunutes and do all sorts of successful shape shifting. I focus on really feeling as if I am the things, not just picturing. I acomplished this by stablizing in the forms. I became a moongoose and actually looked at my mongoose paws, stretched my long body, and ran along the ground , then up a tree. I decided to really challenge myself and became a snail. I tried to feel how my snail body had to undulate to move me forward and eventually got it. I became a large ant and had a lot of trouble with it. I had to try to feel 6 limbs instead of 4, and figure out how I should move them together to walk. I have never shifted into a woman that I can remember, so that seemed like a reasonable 3rd dream goal since things were going so well. It was a real challenge and very odd. I stablized looking at my hands but made them thin and female. Next I went through every body part changing it. I explored my new breasts, and found that very novel indeed. Now, for the biggest reality check! I removed the concept of my male genitals. You boys know that is hard to imagine! I slid my hand down there and everything was female. I did it! I was fully aware of my new female body and could look down and see a sexy female body. Strange though, it took so much focus to maintain this, that I found I moved like a drunken robot. I could not keep all the body parts as they were and do much more than stumble a few feet.
    I have never been in the form of a bird, so I set that as my 4th dream goal for the month. Not just to see myself as a bird, but to feel how a bird feels. It took alot of work. Finally, I had transformed my arms into backward projecting wings that moved as they should, and tranformed my legs into talons. I did a stabilization by loooking at these talons and moving them, gripping and bending at my bird knees. Then I tried to fly, but I did not just want to fly. I wanted to feel how it feels for a bird to fly. I got all confused trying to flap the wings, but kind of half ass, got the feel for it. When I looked around, the resolution had improved alot. I flew around a bit then decided to try diving from really high into the ocean. Very cool. I plunged down about 20 feet below the surface. Now, I tried to become a sea turtle. It took a bit and was weird trying to stablize with flippers and a wide flat body, but I eventually got it. I looked up from the depth and saw that the resolution had improved dramaticly. It was very cool seeing the sky through the surface of the water.
    I had a strange idea. How about being a flying turtle? I surfaced and tried it, but the concept must have been one step too wierd. It just would not work. Well, enough shape shifting for now. I teleported back to the pool. I realized my real body was becoming very uncomfortable and at risk of ending the dream. I tried to focus back on the dream. I decided to try the 2nd dream goal again. That is vivid sense of smell. I walked over to the barbaque pit, and inhaled deeply a few times. I realized my real body had tried to enhale deeply too. I was at a real risk of waking! Ok, no more deep breathing. I went back to the luau girl and tried to smell her perfume again. No luck. Well, again being a male, I decided to screw around with the pretty girl again. No need for details here but after about 3 minutes, I was not really satisfied with the experience. Again, because she only moved or reacted if I focused attention on her doing so.
    I teleported us up to a room on the 6th floor of the south tower, and tried to enjoy the experience in a bed. It only took 1 to 2 minutes to realize this was also unsatisfying. So, I went to the window and looked down. I was seeing things pretty vivid by now and the color had really improved. I jumped down and went for a swim in the pool. This dream has been going on for so long now! I just screw around for awile. Doing things like jumping up the buildings and diving off into the ocean.
    I have been suprised by the absolute lack of random events and DCs! I decide maybe I need to relax my control a little. I have certainly trained my skills enough, so maybe I should try to let something random happen. I lay back in a lounge and play around with changing it from day to night. When I get it to stay night time. I lay there and trie to not control things, and get all relaxed. A waiter comes by and some people are sitting in stools at the bar. Ok, there are some DCs now.
    My waking body is becoming very uncomfortable and kicks a leg. I am loosing sleep paralysis and must act if I am to stay in the dream. I decide that the dream has all ready been a marathon, and I may as well get up. So I wake up, and came straight to Dream Views to put it in my journal, before I forgot any of it. Duration ~90 minutes
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    1. Simeon's Avatar
      Thank you for sharing! Very inspirational
    2. Dark_Merlin's Avatar
      Wow this was really cool to read! I think the thing that stood out to me the most, is simply the attitude you have towards keeping things fresh with pure confidence that you could just keep doing more and more stuff. I think something that has contributed to a lot of my lucids being short lived is being impatient, trying to get things done quickly because 'oh I might run out of time!'. I feel like if I just take my time and know that perhaps it might take 20 minutes to shapeshift but it will work eventually. It certainly boost my confidence knowing that I could achieve a level of control like that, I have always wanted to. Thanks for the read!