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    03/17/12 Challenge: Teleporting Horse in Flight.

    by , 03-19-2012 at 06:01 AM (679 Views)
    LD 31: Contains shape shifting, flight, element manipulation, teleport, summon object to hand. I had been awakened form my last LD by the alarm clock. I was pissed, but I decided to hit snooze and try a last ditch DEILD before a long work day. I got lucky and had a fabulous 10 minute LD. I looked at the time, hit the snooze, and tried to picture the last dream. I had been transformed into a horse, so I tried to picture that. It only took about 30 seconds to drift off back to sleep.
    I felt like I had a giant head. I became lucid and was more or less in the shape of a horse. I turned back in a person. Why the heck was I a horse? Oh yeah, it had something to do with a challenge thread on Dreamviews. I know there was more than to become a horse, but maybe I will figure it out after I become a horse again. I like to really feel a transformation and experiance the body of the animal. I took my time and became a solid horse. The scenery at this point is just me and a field of bluish gray, like the white area in The Matrix.
    I stablize by stamping my hooves and trying to feel the impact of the hooves against a hard surface. The ground appears, and I play around as a horse. I remeber I was wanting to be a flying teleporting horse. I started to levitate and drift forward. No, that seems dumb, I should have wings. I grow wings and flex them. I start flying and it feels awesome. I fly up and up way into the sky. I start a dive and start going real fast like a hawk. I remember that I wanted to challenge my self and teleport while in flight. Ok, how will I know if I teleport or not. I decide the entire landscape should suddenly be completely and radically different. As I am getting closer to the ground in a crazy dive, I can see that I am above The Grand Canyon. Ok, I will teleport to the California coast. I focus on the canyon and make the image blur, it comes back into focus as the coast.
    I fly down to the beach and walk as a horse through the shallow waves. Suddenly a wave over takes me and I am having to swim. I fly back up out of the waves, and climb back up into the clouds. I want to try it one more time. I get a few thousand feet up above the coast and start another power dive. As I am getting closer to the ground, I blur out the scene and intend on going to a forest. The picture comes back as a forest. I land amongst the trees.
    Well, what now? I remember my next goal was elemental manipulation. I think being a fire breathing horse would be cool. I try it, but all I can manage is a small cute little tongue of flame. I decide to turn human again and try other manipulations. I want a torch so I look into the palm of my hand and materialize one. I focus and cause flames to erupt from the torch. I set the torch down and make it become a bon fire. I make rain pour just on the fire, and it goes up in steam. I focus the steam into a ball and take it into my hands. I lift my hands to the sky and cause the ball of steam to become lightning and blast up into the sky, causing it to start raining. I don't know why but I decided to do my RC which is levetation, and it worked. I stablized again by patting my hands all over my body.
    I turn back into the horse and start to fly again, but a wall of vines catches me like a spider web. I transform into a monkey. I stabelize again by trying to feel and move my new prehensile tail. I start climbing the vines and make sure to use the tail. What now? How about something silly. I decide that there is a lake somewhere below and it would be so odd to jump and become a fish while flying trough the air! I fling my monkey body off of the vines and then become a big carp. I am flying towards the ground and hope it is water. No wait!!! I know it is a lake! I splash into a pond and am under water. I look around and try to get the feel for being a fish. I am looking up from below and see little bugs on the surface. Hmmm, I think it is neat to eat things and see how well I can taste them. Bugs? Yeah sure, why not. At first I just gobbled them from the surface. I could taste something, but it was bland and generic tasting. I decided to catch bugs that flew by. I launched out of the water and snatched one. I tried a second time and when I was in mid air,,, the alarm went off and I had to start my day.

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      thanks and I think I got the idea what u were trying to say ....