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    03/18/12 Flying snake and the Sputnick Harley WILD

    by , 03-20-2012 at 01:04 AM (791 Views)
    LD 33 as of 02-17-12. Awesome WILD with Shape Change, Advanced Flight, Teleport, Sex with Movie Stars, and more. Worth glancing at. This was my 6th WILD attempt and the second successful one for the night. I spent 11.5 hours in bed all totalled. I already had 10 hours in bed trying WILDs and had 1 LD, so I almost gave up. Man, one last try. I went back to bed and chanted the mantra "flying snake" to myself. I hit SP in only 3-4 minutes and instantly could feel my dream body. All sort of HIs appeared like swirling clouds of smoke. I examined my body using my hands but could not see it. I needed to wait for this all to develop. I kept scratching my fore arms to stay stable and casually watched HIs. After another 2 minutes or so I decided to try blind transformation. I had wanted to be an Aztec Flying Serpent. I could not see a body, but felt it very clearly. I felt myself change and before long was experimenting with my new flying snake body. I really felt my long tail and could cold and slither. I actually tried flying and could feel motion and inertia.
    I transformed back to human and the visuals had begun to develop but were vauge. I spent a couple minutes feeling myself and watching my hands while climbiing a ladder and a rope. I came to a platform blocking my way and it felt very real. I had to climb around it. I decided that, that was real dream stuff so I may as well get the fun moving along. I now had normal dream visuals. This dream went on for about 45 minutes total, not including all the intro warm up stuff I just mentioned.. I was in bed for 1 and 1/2 hours. So, I will just hit the high points.
    I transformed into the flying snake and flew around exploring above a forest for a few minutes. I felt exactly like a snake and nothing like a human. I got up real high and dove, but the body would kind of flap behind me and I had to spiral down. I tried this about 3 times and was not satisfied. I was getting tired of fying way back up there, so I started looking up at a cloud and then teleport my snake self to the top of it and reapet that again. This let me get crazy high, like many thousand feet. This dive was awesome. I had figured out how to move and do stunts. It took forever to actually reach ground. I would be diving and then flex and do a loop and rolls. I was going very fast and the ground approached. I tried to pull gracefully out of the dive, but ended up slamming into the peaty forest floor! What the heck? Grrrr.
    I get up and brush myself off. Ok, the flying serpant thing is pretty complete. What now? The challenge thread had 'interact with a DC as a task. I walked around a hill side and run into a woman. I think sexing it up with a movie star would count, I start talking to the woman and getting cozie, kissing her neck and playing with her hair. I caused her to become a famous singer (Britney) and we fooled around for a good 3 minutes or so. I stopped that because if I did not stablize I was going to loose lucidity. I went through another stablizing sequence.
    What now? I tried to think about the challenge thread, and remember what else was on it, but it was a total blur. I remembered that there is a challenge of the year thread. I could only come up with the Sputnick challenge. I decided to get launched into space with Sputnick. I flew up above the hills and circled looking for some sort of base or rocket pad. I did not see anything. There was a building on a hill side and I decided it must be a Russian guard house. I would have a DC take me to the launch site. I walk up to the building and a male guard is there. We talk and he gives me no real help. I decide that a different guard has replaced him. This one is a woman. I hate to be so much of a male here, but I decided Sputnix could wait. I would suduce the woman and then she would want to take me there. I also decided that the gaurd was a famous actress (Jen) and she became that person. I also change her into another actress for awhile, but went back to Jen. I quickly noticed she was more like a doll than a DC, so I told her 'I release all control over you, please act naturally.' She did, she developed a personality and made suggestions and was a very active partner.
    I materialized cloths for her and then for me. Finally I had a plan. jen is not really a gaurd, she is a Russian scientist who wants to let her new boyfriend she the Sputnic launch. I materialized lab coats for both of us. We go through a back door and come out on a launch site. I fly over to the rocket. I grab some fins near the nose of the rocket, but then think fins don't make sense here. I transform the fins into metal hand grips near a service hatch. The count down happens and I ride the rocket. I end up way up in the sky when the thing comes apart and the satalite is released. I had to levitate over to it. I decided that those anteni things would be how you stear it. I sit on the satalite and picture it kind of like a Sputnick Harley. Wow, it was great fun! I could see the earth below and saw Africa and Europe. I flew around very fast and it was like a rocket scooter. I decided to visit a space station. I could see one and drove Sputnick to it and left it with a valet. The space station was basically a casinoe. I spend some time at the buffet. i try a glazed bannanna and it tastes kind of bland. I try to smell it, but can't. I pour a shot of whiskey and try to smell it, it smells barely. I drink it. I practiced Super Speed by moving across parts of the station lightning fast. I did this until I ended up going up the side of the station in a Super Speed Spider climb.
    I decided to dive from space back to earth, but had not found the snake a very good body for that. I transformed into a hawk. I dove and banked and had a blast until I reached the ground. What now? Summoning, I made a giant water trough appear. Elemental I pulled water from out of the air and filled the tub. Telekinisis, I summoned a piture and fancy goblet and manipulated them with TK so that a glass full of water ended up floating over to me. I drank it and decided to take a bath. I enjoy interacting with water in LDs. I finally laid back in the tub and watched the sky. I was hoping to get a real clear view of the moon, but the sky was just pshycodelic clouds and sunsets. At that point I woke up. Dur~45 minutes
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    1. Sivason's Avatar
      Oh, I forgot, I spent a bunch of time walking through walls at the space station.I some how haad ended up in chains. I became etherial to get out of them, and that startd me on walking through walls for awhile.
    2. kdellama's Avatar
      What an amazing experience. I am very jealous
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