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    Cities in the Astral

    03/22/12 Pyramid in Lames WILD

    by , 03-24-2012 at 04:45 AM (466 Views)
    LD35:This LD went on for awhile and hadd many little parts. The control was good and very high level of lucid. The graphics looked very cartoon like. The back ground would stay blank like the Matrix Training Room. Only what I focused on formed clear images. I started as soon as I could feel my dream body, by walking in the blank space. I waited until it really felt like walking and did a stablization. A new part of my routine is to call out loud "Thank You" I could sense the words and feel me calling out, but I had no sounds so it was a silent scream. I repeated this a couple times before the dream was over and the sound improved some. I don't have time to go into fine detail, so I will just cover some high points. There was no plot, I just got to screw around and have fun. I walked alot trying to prompt the graphics to become realistic. Trees and house blurred on the side of my vision now, so it seems like I am read for a good WILD. I decide a resteraunt is right here and a buffet must be here. Yep here is the buffet. I try to smell things but it is vauge. I ate a creams puff with strawberry filling. The taste lacked sweetness, it was kind of bland but not bad.
    At one point I tried to summon a flying horse and one appeared but he was hallucinaton twisted, a horseish blur beast. Cool, but I wont count that, it clearly is only a poorly formed horse, sorry buddy. I fly on the horse and we do stunts for a while.
    At one point I just stand around summoning dishes and random things and manipulating the in the air with TK. I messed around until I decided to try flying to the moon. I try to stare at the moon but it is all blurry and shifting (like someone would see on 10 hits of acid). I had spaced out the horse so I flew towards the blur of a moon in a supper man style. I basically flew from one scene to another of getting higher and the the scenes became space. I did some stunt flying and when the time came I landed onthe moon.
    A whole little section goes on here basedon pools full of colors and it starts geetting very abstrract and I need to stablize. This time I call out thank you from the moon.
    I decide to go and teleport down to the top of the great pyamid. I formed a crazy plan, just to see if I could do it. I blasted energy down the pyrramid and it bust into flames, me included. Covered with flames I floated up and called forth "Thank You" about 12 times. Then I woke up. Dur~20min
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