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    05/26/12 Clear Light of the Mind-Yawn

    by , 05-26-2012 at 09:35 PM (500 Views)
    This was a WBTB WILD. I had been drifting in HI land for some time, just barley staying aware, when a sudden flash of reality hit, and everything lit up very bright. I was no longer in any kind of darkness, but the scene was a pure clear white. I have been having fewer LDs for about a month, and got kind of excited. I wanted to varify that this was a dream and not just a pre-dream WILD phase. I loooked around and realized I was 100% disembodied, with no sense of my waking body or bed. I could rotate and the view stayed ultra-white or 'clear' as they say. I considered channeling the dream into an adventure, but I had just written a section about this kind of dream. The Tibetian Yogas of Sleep and Dream, call this "Clear Light of the Mind" and attach a very high level of spiritual meaning to it.
    Now, in this state you do not even really think, as the process of thought is still a expression of duality. I decided to do the whole "Clear Light" thing and stopped the monolouge and just experienced the unity, or lack of duality.
    "Yawn" some yogis may fantasize that this state is the ultimate level, but I think it is that they either want the 'goal' to be attainable, or they want to feel that because they can do this, that they have reached an end. I find it just one more state of awareness. Eventually my wife woke me up.

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    1. Sivason's Avatar
      The correct date on this is 05-25-12