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    08/19/12 On Top of the Pyramid. Shared dreaming challenge.

    by , 08-20-2012 at 06:55 PM (501 Views)
    08/19/12 WILD. I issued a friendly challenge on a thread to show what kind of skill may help people develop shared dreaming, 1st) find or create a pyramid and go to it. 2nd) state out loud "I am looking for someone" and combined) stand on top of the pyramid and say the phrase out loud.
    This was my first attempt to complete my own challenge. I got to bed early enough that I would have almost 8 hours sleep when my wife went to work, I got up just before her and stayed up for 20 minutes. I started the WILD attempt and it took about 20 minutes to be honestly fully asleep, but aware. The HIs were not special this time, but I played with trying to shape a pyramid out of the swirling mists. I entered into full REM dream state after about 10 minutes.

    I was in HIs when a very bright spot appeared and was unusually stable, so I looked directly into it. I appeared in a full REM LD. I was at a house we used to live at. A kid from my childhood was there and he wanted to talk to me. I had plans so I made sure not to let the dream side track me. I ignored him and walk around out the back door to the front of the house. I reminded myself of what my task was. I decided to test out my voice as a way of stabilizing and getting ready for the combined challenge. I should have said the phrase right then, but was being arrogant and assumed I would be able to do the full challenge, so instead I just said something random, like "hello! one, two, three."

    I decided to teleport to the top of a pyramid, but did not take time to really picture one. I instead teleported to the inside of a large building supply store. I think my brain was playing a few jokes on me during this dream! I was in the isle that had large bricks and mortar! I guess because I called this a challenge my brain decided to make it truly a challenge. I saw the joke and found it a little funny (build one!) but, no, I did not feel like spending my dream building a pyramid. I used TK to flip a bunch of mortar sacks around just in response. I started to walk out of the store to see what would be outside.

    I could have fallen prey to a false awakening here. I dreamt that I could also feel my cat walk on top of my body and thought he was going to cost me the dream. I realized that the door had been shut and that I had trained the cat not to mess with me when sleeping. At that realization the partial FA stopped and the dream continued.

    I went outside and it was a pleasant day on a random city street. I thought that finding a pyramid may show more shared dream kind of skill than to just create one or teleport to one. So I started my adventure. There were some people in the street. One of them was a pretty woman jogging in lycra shorts and basic jogging attire. I reached out and gently stopped her and pulled her close. I thought maybe I would fool around a bit, but realized that is just a classic distraction. Instead I used her as another chance to stabilize the dream and enhance the visuals. I was just very tender and sweet to her, like she was a girlfriend. I ran my fingers across her hair and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were amazing! All the detail was there, including very colorful green/brown irises with detailed lines and dark pupils. The Dc was very animated and we actually seemed to share true fondness for each other. I told (thought at her) about my plan to find a pyramid and she wanted to come along.

    We walked down this pleasant city street with my arm around her waist. Very vivid and pleasant! I decided to get back to actually trying to find a pyramid. I decided that the building at the end of the block would have a pyramid roof. I levitated us up there and it was a very cool ornate building like a museum or conservatory. Sure enough there was a pyramid up there. It was part of the ornamentation. I walked up onto it with the woman still in my arms. I thought "OK here you are on a pyramid, so say the phrase." But then I thought about why I was doing this. The whole point was to show skills that would be useful in shared dreaming. I looked down at the pyramid and examined it. It was a perfect lovely LITTLE pyramid about 5 feet across. I then thought, "Don't sell yourself short. The idea was a landmark others could find. This seems like cheating to just get it done with, you owe yourself a real challenge, and you can do better than this."

    I looked back up and the woman was gone, and I was now inside the building. It was very nice inside, like an atrium with ornate walls, plants and a pond. Some woman came in and said they had reserved the room and that I should leave. I had other things to do, so I left the building. I walked out into a parking lot full of equipment and scaled a wall using spider climb. I seemed unable to get to a good vantage point, so I started to fly. I got up a ways and saw hills in the distance. I decided that if I looked around a pyramid would be over in the hills. I did see at least two hills that looked a lot like pyramids, so I started to fly that way.

    I noticed that I was flying over large buildings and one had a glass roof that was a pyramid. I stopped flying to the hills and landed on it. No, my brain was going to toy with me some more. It was pyramid like and very large and shiny, but it was clearly not a pyramid. It had its sides at weird angles, so I tried to imagine it becoming a pyramid. No luck. I flew around some more and ran into (not hard) a giant glass building that seemed to go up for hundreds of stories and get bigger a ways above me. This looked like a wonderful challenge for my spider climb skill, and I decided the top would either be a pyramid or I could see one from up there, so I screwed around for a couple minutes playing spider man. The glass sides were very vivid and pretty. I finally climbed onto a large balcony. I was still nowhere near the top, so I decided to look down. The city was only about 30 stories below me and the buildings all had cool roofs. I decided to go down again and find a large pyramid roof.

    I wanted to have some fun so I travelled the rest of this dream using Spiderman webs. I would reach out and send a tiny filament out that would hit a point ahead of me and swing like Spiderman. The filament was stretchy like a bunji cord and could yank me forward if I wanted to go really fast. When I got to ground level, I found myself in a hotel lobby. I decided to head out side. On the way a woman and a man were sitting on a couch. I took the woman's hand and brought her outside with me. Somehow I had become confused and now thought my goal was to stand on top of a pyramid with a pretty woman (likely because I had just done that earlier in the dream).

    We went outside and I had my arms around her and decided to levitate us up higher. The added weight seemed to weigh me down, but I realized that was crazy and then I levitated us both up higher. I saw a nice glass pyramid roof and took us there, but my mind was still playing with me. We were up high on a tall buildings roof with our arms around each other. I looked down and the roof was a 5 sided star shape! Oh come on! It also refused to reshape into a pyramid. I was impressed with how vivid the interaction with the pretty girl was. It felt sweet and sexy, and very real. I allowed myself the pleasure of a nice hug and a few sweet little kisses, but did not intend on letting myself loose lucidity. I only kissed and touched for about a minute.

    I then looked around and could see a real pyramid off across the city. Now, that is the kind of land mark I had in mind. I used the Spiderman webs to travel and it was awesome! Before long I was on top of the pyramid. It was not huge, like the great pyramids. It was more like the roof on a large building, but it was large and a true perfect pyramid. I had unfortunately kind of forgotten my goal. I thought the phrase "I am looking for someone." I did not however say it audibly and actually forgot the point. My brain just came back with "OH? Well who are you looking for?" I was not sure. "Oh! That's right. I was supposed to stand up here with a pretty girl!" No, in fact that was not right, but oh well.

    I looked down off the pyramid and saw a pretty woman (each of the 3 women looked entirely different) so I used TK and brought her up on the pyramid. We stood on the point and arms around each other we had a big sexy kiss. I actually had thought that was the goal of the dream, so I felt like I had completed the task. Opps, so close. I also decided it had been a marathon LD so far, so why not reward myself with some vivid dream sex on top of a pyramid! That scene went very nicely and oh so vivid! The dream orgasm caused me to loose lucidity, and the dream went on as a vivid semi-lucid. Dur~ 30 minutes
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