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    Cities in the Astral

    08/28/12 DILD Pyramid Completed

    by , 08-29-2012 at 06:51 PM (363 Views)
    The dream started with a vivid non-lucid section where I was showing big fishtanks I had built into the wall to a girlfriend I had about 20 years ago. I was actually seeing large silver fish in the floor, and pointing them out. The tanks started leaking and I thought the floor would collapse. I went outside to look into the tank in the floor, and when I came back in my mom was looking for me. She could not see me in front of her or hear me. I became lucid.
    I went outside and started walking. The dream started to fade while I was walking by the river, but soon became vivid again. I saw my friend through a window and he came out to talk. I told him I was actually just dreaming, so I had better things to do than hang out and talk. He had a big dog with him and I tried to levitate it. It got angry at this, so I levitated myself instead, and floated away from that scene.
    I ended up seeing my wife inside a large room with bleachers. I wil skip this scene as it is just about 3 or 4 minutes of a 3 way wwith her and some random pretty woman. I did not reach climax on purpose, so I could stay lucid. I walked off from that scene. Out side again, I decided to visit a church and find an alter. I immediately found a church and many people inside. I could not really find an alter and quickly lost intrest in the idea. The preacher started talking to me and people gathered around, so I stopped and tried to listen, but it was non-sensical so I went out side again.
    I remembered that I still had not completed my 'Shared dreaming challenge' so decided to do that. I pre-assumed that the church I just left was in a pyramid, which I would see when I turned around. Sure thing a massive pyramid was there. I started to climb up the side. It was more ornaate than an egyptian pyramid and was truely massive. I reached the top and the dream tried to fade again. I could feel the four sides and the point with my hands, and used that to bring it back into focus.
    I sat on top of the pyramid with my legs around the very point. I called out "I am looking for someone!" and really paid attention to make sure it was audible. It was loud and clear. I called out the same phrase two more times. I then called out "I am looking for the Diplomat" which is my nick name for one of my dream guides. Nothing.
    I decided to try and see past the illusion of a created dream scape and just see the top of the pyramid, myself, and what ever would be left that was not illusion. The scene became odd and I am not sure I understood what I was seeing. I sat cross legged on top of the pyramid and began meditating and chanting OHM. It was very cool the way the sound was vibrating, but before too long, my wife got out of bed and that woke me. Dur~15 min

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