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    Cities in the Astral

    I have been LDing sinse 1988 and have had maybe 2000ish. I am starting this dream journal on 02-19-12. Many of my dreams involve otherwordly concepts, such as dream cities that are real and have many perminent inhabitants. I have interacted with some many times, so if the entries I make seem to refer to strange things like 'the 3 women' or 'the monks' just assume they are reoccuring DCs for before this journal starts.

    1. Tiger in the Hottub

      by , 04-13-2019 at 10:00 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      04/12/19 I decided to attempt the remote viewing game by asking for clues to come in a dream. We will see if any of it makes sense. I am doing stuff like yard work in my Grandma's back yard. My wife calls over to me, "Hey, there is a tiger in this hot tub!" I think wow, that is just silly talk! I go over and there is an empty hot tub with a cover on it, now pulled part way back. As I get close, sure enough there is a full grown tiger hiding in there! I back up and tell my wife to go inside. The tiger jumps out and starts towards me. I try to stand my ground but am very afraid. I sternly tell the tiger no and stop it. The tiger sits down on the grass. I go inside and am looking through the glass on the door at it. My grandma and sister are in there. I tell them we need to call animal control, and that it must be a pet tiger that has gotten loose. I look back out and see a few house cats out near it. They do not seem afraid, but I am sure the tiger could eat the cats. Next I see 4 baby tigers are now with it. I am more afraid now. I get the phone book out and try to find the number for animal control, but the book is very confusing. Nothing is in order and I have a very hard time reading anything. I ask for help, but no one seems to help. I finally get mad and decide I will call 911 emergency. I get out my cell phone and it also does not make sense. The numbers are very unclear and I can not get the phone to work.
      I am not sure this has anything to do with the game, but it was very vivid and memorable the same night I asked for clues in a dream.