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    Cities in the Astral

    I have been LDing sinse 1988 and have had maybe 2000ish. I am starting this dream journal on 02-19-12. Many of my dreams involve otherwordly concepts, such as dream cities that are real and have many perminent inhabitants. I have interacted with some many times, so if the entries I make seem to refer to strange things like 'the 3 women' or 'the monks' just assume they are reoccuring DCs for before this journal starts.

    1. Hungry Ghost realm

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:10 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Took a wrong turn I guess and found myself in the realm Hindu call the realm of hungry ghosts. It could have been terrifying as it was like vampire demons wanting to eat me. I calmed myself and extended a barrier around me, sort of like starship shields on movies. I calmly did mudras to bring intense focus, then started proclaiming I was a servant of the Good and the Light and that they could not touch me. this enraged them, but they in fact could not touch me. I left that realm swiftly.