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    Cities in the Astral

    Big Moment- Astral

    by , 06-22-2022 at 06:52 AM (430 Views)
    I was walking south with Brandy, but a second later I was walking north past the same intersection with her and Brad. I tell them that this is a dream and I am off to go play. The change in continuity had made me lucid. They question me on what I mean and I point out that we are all now inside a phone booth on the same corner. Clearly a dream. I explore a city that looks a bit like the sci-fi stuff you may see in the show Eureka.
    Here is the big moment. I notice one of the DCs is actually an astral entity. It is a middle aged woman and is very familiar. I suspect she is my first dream guide from perhaps 20-30 years ago. She had handed me off to "The Monk" who later handed me off to "The Young Women"
    This woman I am thinking is the stern older woman who first trained me so long ago. She had a body guard type who seemed to dislike me and it often caused trouble. I am thinking she has made an appearance again for some reason after many years.
    She is seated and calmly watching me. There is a type of deep connection that happens between astral beings (including the dreamer) and appears to be focused through what I visualize as the eyes. She is gazing on me with this mystic sense/vision (sorry, it is beyond words). I meet the gaze with my own gaze/ astral sense thingy. We become connected in a telepathic bond of a sort, again I would have trouble explaining.
    It is worth noting that perhaps I am known to some of these things from multiple lifetimes (this has been suggested to me by them), and perhaps I have spent time with them between physical/ earth lives, but while incarnated on earth and projecting from a point attached to my human body I am limited in my memory and understanding. I also suffer from a sort of drunkenness and confusion due to the frankly weird ass nature of astral travel.
    She does not seem to be trying to boss me around or intimidate me as she often has in the past. I decide to talk to her much more like an equal than I have in the past (subservient/ awestruck/ afraid- note she comes across god-like.)
    I ask her, "can you explain to me who you are?" It is telepathic and includes a bit of "what are you" and "why me?"
    She intensifies the connection and starts to communicate. It sounds sort of like the adults in Peanuts comics "whawhahwaaa" I focus very intense and try turning my ear to her. Now I am breaking the eye connection and realize I do not even actually have ears. I reinvest in the eye contact. I ask her to be patient and go slow as I am having trouble understanding. She slows down and this is what I hear telepathically. "A while ago (decades? lifetimes?) my brother (whawhawha unclear) who is a god, took notice of you and (whawhawhaaa unclear). We have been observing you since then and (whawhawhaaa unclear). I have something to share with you (show you? give you?)"
    At this point she stands up and moves suddenly very close as if to kiss me but only in the sense of bring our mouths together. Suddenly she is exhaling/ vomiting a stream of multicolored energy that goes into my mouth as if I am inhaling it. All the visuals change and I experience some magical thing involving my energy body/soul that I do not understand.
    Then it is over and we are standing near each other. She talks to me with out the telepathic eye stuff. Oddly I can understand the entities when talk is this way. What ever the message she gave me at first it was something mystic and hard to grasp and is different to just chatting. She says they are having a celebration for a friend and that I am welcome to join them as I have been behaving myself for awhile now (I have got in plenty of trouble here in the past). There is cake! Now one thing in this realm is that some things are just dream images and other things are made of something that is real and quantifiable to them. This is real astral cake (my interpretation) if that makes sense. It is wonderful and I eat two big handfuls of it.
    If anything happened after that i have no more recall.
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      That is an amazing dream.
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