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    Bonus: No More Bad Dreams. Extra Bonus: Precog- Car Crash

    by , 08-28-2021 at 04:06 AM (402 Views)
    How weird. So I was about to post this dream as an example of how lucid dreaming has made it so I no longer have to deal with bad dreams. Last night I was casually experiencing dreams and images. My attention was drawn to the scene and it suddenly shifted into a vivid scene of an auto accident. A car got smashed but it also included emotions and was generally not pleasant. The imagery changed so that I was inside the car and experiencing the emotions involved in getting in a car wreck.
    I simply stated to myself, "this is stupid, stop dreaming unpleasant things," and I made the scene vanish. The stream of standard interesting dreams resumed. I was going to mention that this is a bit different than what beginners think about lucid dreams. I pretty much have to plan on having a true lucid dream for what you think of as LDs to happen. However, I basically never think a dream is real and am aware that I am dreaming to some degree, I just don't really pay attention. I saw that the dream was not pleasant and was able to prevent that sort of thing shifting back to nice dreams. That was what I was going to report here.
    I did think the dream was vivid and really stuck out in my recall, so I warned my wife that I had had the dream and to be extra careful. I told her that this morning I came much to close to backing into an old lady and her dog and perhaps that was what the dream was about.
    I just got a call from my best friend! His first words to me are "I just got in a wreck." He took a job delivering pizza and just got in a smash up. This was about 14 hours after I had the dream.

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    1. shadowofwind's Avatar
      The number at the end of the URL on this page is my zip code.

      Yesterday while out walking I wrote a short text message critical of Rudolph Steiner. While typing it on my phone, a stranger stopped me on the sidewalk and started talking to me about my middle school science competition t-shirt. He told me he had taught at Waldorf schools for years and went on his way.

      One of the things I noticed years ago with regard to premonitions, is there are always two thoughts involved, mine and another one that intersects with mine somehow. The premonition comes out of the point of contact between those two thoughts, sort of. In other words, at that point of contact my sense of identity exists in a place from which premonitions arise spontaneously. Noticing this is what lead me into 'dream telepathy' experiences - I started paying more attention to the contact with the other mind and less attention to the precognitive aspect.

      'Synchronicity, such as a stranger randomly talking to me about Steiner's school while I write a text about Steiner, has happened before in a similar context. My first blatant 'dream telepathy' experience was a clear response to my mentally describing what appear to me to be fallacies in Theosophical ideas about 'finer states of matter'. Those descriptions involve extrapolations of misunderstandings about 'physical plane' matter. I would like a description that's free of those misunderstandings. That is the same context in which I was criticizing Steiner yesterday.