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    Childhood rage

    by , 01-29-2019 at 05:51 AM (130 Views)
    This was non lucid but vivid. My sister who is now 50 was young and so was I. She maliciously tore a poster on my wall. I start yelling about this being the second time. The image of her tearing it replayed in the middle. She said something to push my buttons and I was in a rage.I felt like pushing her hard, but controlled myself sort of. I used my knuckles and rapped on the top of her skull twice, about as hard as knocking on a door. I then left. Now 2 female DCs are following me and yelling for the police. I told them all I did was knock on her head and it could not have her her much. One of them joyfully said she had been recording me admitting I did it. The dream faded. I woke up angry.
    I did have problems with my much bigger sister picking on me, but that was long, long ago. I love and respect my sister and enjoy spending time with her. Very odd that feelings from childhood came out in the dream.

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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Ive put a object in the drive box
      You will have a good laugh when you see it.
      It doesn't appear directly in this angry dream.
      I feel like apologizing for using this object.
      I will be more careful from now on. ⚘